i had kiwi at warnock commons today. it’s been a while. i remember there used to be a tv ad that says kiwi has more fiber than banana and twice as much vitaminC as oranges. although i didn’t really like kiwi because of the after-taste, tp because of the flu and i think i need vitaminC, i grabbed kiwi instead…

anyway….guess what arrived at approximately 9.30 this morning….



i lost my babyG about a month ago. and i lost my financial calculator too. i become less reliable lately. i don’t usually keep losing stuff especially the valuable ones.

i might dropped my watch somewhere around the house but i’m not sure. i might left it in a bathroom somewhere around the campus. i miss my precious babyG. it’s a gift from my mom for my PMR. and that was like 6 years ago kot. like handbags and stuffed toys (except the cubbie 😉 i never actually buy my own watch. all my other watches are gifts from my beloved family. and one is a gift from the school. dah rosak dh pun.. usually, my school would give cash or at least gift certificates worth a couple of hundred ringgit for doing well in spm. but not in 2003. they give us watches instead. need to buy a new one..any ideas? perhaps i should do some shopping over the break..

slumdog millionaire won eight oscars last night. i didn’t watch the presentation though. too many things to do. i haven’t watch the movie, but i’ve read the book – Q&A by vikas swarup, it’s based on. a great book indeed. thanx to my sis who introduced me to the book and the book is hers pun..eheh..

THON raised more than $7million overall. i’m quite skeptical at first that they’re gonna surpass last year’s amount given the current situation of the economy. i guess they did. for the kids.

the weather won’t get any warmer soon. i’ve been having minor flu and sore throat. ouh can’t afford to fall sick. so people, bundle up, and stay warm.


surprises are always the best.. 😀
thank you my dear pennstaters and especially ada & wani for last night surprise birthday party..
although dah boleh agak about it..sebab balek rumah kemas..ahaks..
it feels just like yesterday, i put up all the cards for my 21st birthday on the wall..
so by this weekend i need to put up the new ones pulak..
just got the chance to read them today..and i cried (sket je tp)…
especially after reading those cards from the freshmen..
well..the sophomores & juniors’ are sweet too.. =)
this is my third and last =( birthday celebrating with them..
i still remember the first one kt masala after the malaysian nite practice..eheh..

haleem said i’m the kak long here..ahaha..
omg i feel so tua..but doesn’t getting older means getting more mature..eheh..
some of the pics..thank you nysa..mmmuaaahh…



..i look so ‘sememeh’..


anyways, some of the gifts and cards…


and also..my little safari now has two more new members..ahah….


again thank you for all the warm wishes…
and good job lions for beating fighting illini although scores sikit je…


i’m 22 today..
thanx a lot guys for the birthday party, pressies, cards, and warm wishes..
will update more later with pics..

thanx once again..



taylor’s coming in august..
and i’m not gonna make it…

matt came last year..and i never knew his music until recently..
and boBurnham came last week and it was a FREE event!..and i missed it..huhu..

spring..kinda boring semester..football’s over.. most of PennState CPA events pn during fall.. well at least yg best2 in fall..and the only event that i’ve been to was RENT.. i was thinking if kakak’s coming next week, we might catch some good show at downtown theatre.. but none interest me…

ouh greg told us a story of one of his students coming back to college to get another degree in Math. previously, he already had BSc. in EE, but he thinks he didn’t have enough math in college. and his plan was to be a BILLIONAIRE once he reach 40. and the plan includes to be the Fellow in SOA, get into princeton’s financial engineering program and to get there he needs 800 perfect math score in GRE. create some type of derivatives or even a new market on wall street…and byk lagi la..and he wanted to do all that starting with a degree in MATH.. giler laa….

life’s pretty much the same..busy as always..ahaks..konon je..


it’s NurZafirahZaidan birthday today! so peyya, happy 21st~

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