[i’ll survive]

Oh Allah! Expand my chest (with faith, knowledge and affection); ease my task for me; and remove the impediment from my speech, so they may understand what I say.”

i’ve survived for five weeks..
two days left..no..not exactly..
another 15 minutes…
that’s all that matters…


[the 4th and 30th]

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..photo taken from artoischampionships.com..

So, Andy Roddick won his 4th Artois Championships Title in 5 years. Roddick’s first ATP title for this year. He surpassed Jimmy Connors, his coach, who has just won the title three times. Woke up quite early this morning making sure that I’ll manage to catch the final match. Probably one of the best matches I’ve seen. Roddick fought back from one set down and won the match 4-6, 7-6(7), 7-6(2) against Nicolas Mahut from France. It was 5-5 in the second set, and I thought that Andy will loose. Always have this kind of strange feeling that if i watch a game or match, be it tennis or soccer, usually, the team that I supported will loose. Guess, that doesn’t apply today. But, if Mahut won the match, he deserves to win. He may ranked 106 in the world but not on grass. He defeated both Ljubicic and Nadal to be in the final. This week has been great to him. Next upcoming tourney to look for would be:
the prestigious Wimbledon Championships.

The Winning Momment
Trophy Presentation


[the InnerKidInMe]

..haha..like the ‘boys vs. girls’ part during the 5.00-6.30 minutes..

this post is sort of related with little healer’s post..

tired of reading SEND, just thought of watching a movie last night..
a ‘light’ one..the one that doesn’t require a lot of thinking..
so, instead of downloading one, i just browsed through youtube..
wanted to watch The Parent Trap..ending up watching The Little Rascals instead..

my first time watching Little Rascals probably when i was 6 or 7..
if i’m not mistaken, mase laser disc tgh popular..
now, everyone uses dvd kan..

i love kids movies..tgk a thousand times pn xboring..
i can even memorize their scripts..haha..
i don’t like to watch cartoons or animations though..seriously, i’ll fall asleep..

hmm..but lately, disney or any other movies producers jarang produce this kind of movies..current movies that targeted kids audience slalunye animations xpun high or middle school punye taraf.. eg. high school musical, lizzie mCguire, agent cody banks..etc..
honestly, i’ve watched these movies as well..i do even watch more than one time for some of them..hehh..
but lg suke watch little kindergarten kids act..they’re cute & adorable..aren’t they? =)

here’s a list of my fav kids movies (just to name a few)

  • sound of music
  • parent trap
  • little rascals
  • little giants
  • home alone 1 & 2 (i watched 3 and 4 as well but they were just ok..)
  • richie rich
  • dennis the menace

so, what’s your favorite kids movies???

– xboleh tido..coffee punya pasal…andy’s in the final tomorrow….


Life is like a pie chart..



Juniper Bonsai Tree from Hallmark

hallmark offers 15% off for their bonsai. the temptation is there. but still, it is quite expensive. always wanted some sort of small plant or tree. thought of sending a friend a bonsai or cactus as birthday present. bila fikir, what if dia tak pandai look after..rugi je.. perhaps, when i’m moving in my new apartment next semester, i should get one. some said that tak elok ade pokok dalam rumah..why ekk?? is it because trees consume oxygen malam2..hmm..

two more weeks to go..3 paper assignments, 2 group projects, 1 midterm, and a final..
rasa nk fast forward kan time…

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