Car rentals + gas for 7 girls = $90
Belt = $10
Black pants= $29
WhiteShirtdress = $19
T-shirts for little toddlers= $25
LongSleeve T =$5
First experience driving a toyota Highlander = PRICELESSThere are Some Things Money Can’t Buy. For Everything Else, there’s my BLUE. hehh..

guess, i can’t stay at state college too long. asik nak berjalan je. doesn’t even matter if it’s a short trip.
went to grove city with the girls. fun2..although it was a last minute plan. didn’t do a lot of shopping. they did. thankfully we got to rent the suv since avis has ran out of those compact cars. itu pn muat2 je suv.

leaving for Hoboken, NJ for ISR early tomorrow morning. the mind and body are tired but the eyes are still wide open.

wish to have another week of break..



spring break is here. i’m not going anywhere. unless if ada org ajak. but it’s kinda too late to plan to go somewhere.
need to finish off my work yg tertunggak. huhu..have a lot of things to settle after the break. thankfully i’m done with my first midterms.

it’s almost a year that i work with ULC. it’s only now that i actually get my own students for tutoring. they are four of them. and i already told ULC that i may not be able to have more students. unless they don’t mind to do group tutoring. guess, i need to revise back my basic business stat during the break..

andy’s in final tomorrow..yeayy andy..he’s facing Feliciano Lopez, who had beaten 3 top 10 players in a week!
i hope andy plays well and stays calm. I watched the semi-final this morning. and he’s more relax than before. in fact, i think djokovic was more emotional than andy.

to those who’re having their break. have a wonderful and great spring break…
the rest – have a great weekend.. 😀


i like to watch those UPS ads…the whole idea of whiteboard thinggy..
i think most of the services provided by UPS are provided by other couriers as well..but one that get my attention is this delivery intercept..that’s something different..

i remember reading a portion of theWorld Is Flat book on UPS for supply chain class..still hasn’t get a chance to read the whole book..i once borrowed it from the library but then it got recalled so quickly..
i know the book has been around for a long time..and perhaps it may even kinda ‘obsolete’ now..
but..doesnt matter..i’m not a type of person who reads a lot..

last semester, i took the other pair of my Jr.Core classes. – supplyChain & marketing..
somehow IMHO, we need to send more students majoring those majors..
alright maybe not so much for marketing…
and the whole toyota lean production system is just amazing..
if only we can apply those principles in many of the sectors..(not just manufacturing..healthcare..etc..)

one day of my freshmen years, i went to the UniPark post office..

Mailman: Have you heard the latest news?
Me: *smile*
Mailman: UPS and FedEx are merging..
Me: Ouh really?
Mailman: And guess what the new company will be:…FED UPS!

andy won this morning..he’s facing NADAL tomorrow..ouh..i hope andy can win this time..

since my pension class is canceled, i probably want to go to Lisa’s 11am class instead of the usual 1pm.. so that i’ll be back on time i’d be able to catch the match..heeeee…..
thank you EuroSport Channel…

[don’t stop Believing]

Don’t stop believing
Hold on to that feeling
Streetlight people

Don’t Stop Believing-Journey

current song that bring up my energy..
it’s played at every psu football home game..

and ouh another one would be Blue Ridge Saga – written by James Swearingen – love it..reminds me of those days as a Kurshians band member..

the spring is here..enjoy the sun shiny day ppl.. =)

and to Miss Zahirah Md. Yusoff – HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!!!!


been thinking bout this for a long time..
i’m not up for the job..definitely..
maybe quitting is the answer..

bingggung la….time2 nk exam nih..aarghhh..