i safely arrived in malaysia on wednesday morning. have been having trouble adjusting my sleeping time. but that helps me staying up watching Man Utd winning the title. well, both teams fought well. it’s just luck not on Chelsea’s side this time. better luck next time ok Chelsea..hehhehh..

my dear pennstaters will start their journey to midwest games tonight. good luck guys. bring back the overall champ trophy.

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..the 2007 runner-up team..

and to the sailormoon team..go get the gold this time ok. i know you guys have the ability to do it. don’t stop believing people. i wish i could join you guys. *sigh*

[MASA’s 1st gradDinner]

congrats & thanx to zack and Co. for organizing MASA’s first graduation dinner. it was short, simple, sweet, yet soooo memorable. to all the seniors (or should i say alumni) – kunod, am, dele, mamat, and megat, congratulations and all the best in your career and future undertakings. we’ll sure gonna miss you guys…

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and here goes a video presentation made by Ron…

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i failed P for the second time. just like last time, mmg dh boleh expect. just perhaps a little bit regret coz while doing the exam i knew that i can do better IF ONLY i go the extra mile and study. but, instead of studying, i choose to pamper myself and enjoying the rest of finals week (after the disappointing finals grade).

menyedihkan? i guess. but i shed not a single tear. strong person? maybe. or is it just my ego?

i do fail ppl. i failed my matrices last time. and its MATRICES bukan stochastic process ke ape. but then, that my matrices grade is better than my all time fav class – DanCahoy’s Class..heh..

the bottom line is, i’m trying not to put high hopes and expect great things from my self. and ppl around me should do the same thing too. thank God, both my parents never complain or scold me when i flunk my exams.

the expected is just the beginning. The unexpected is what changes our lives.

so, just want to move on and get over it. one more year to go, i should appreciate make the most of it. right? gonna cherish every single moment and every step that i take here at psu. i know2.. some said sometimes i’m too obsess with my college. but then again, it is supposed to be the best 3 (soon 4) years in my life. and i do bleed blue and white..haha.. 😉

nk packing. nk take the 23hr flight. nk meet my family and the two little brats kids at home and give them a great big HUG.

[post-JR year]

results for SP 08 -menyedihkan.. =(

shopping but currentBalance keeps piling up..haishh..

springCleaning + breadPudding =)

andy’s in Semis on CLAY!

both federer and nadal are OUT!

manUtd retaining EPL title ? – hmmph…

cepatlah 19th..can’t wait………

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