had a enjoyable day trip to brunei last saturday. there are some glitches here and there as we weren’t fully prepared. but still manage to reach bandar seri begawan around noon. just in time for lunch – sushi at excapade..=) probably the best sushi i ever had..

honestly there are not many attractions in brunei plus it’s super hot….
one of the main reasons to visit brunei is because of the sushi..
didn’t go to the castle and jerudong park due to time constraint..
visited Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, kampung ayer, boat ride along brunei river, and yayasan shopping complex..
wanted to visit the royal regalia, but it was close. perhaps some other time..

all photos taken from elea and nasriah camera..
but i personally like the mosque during the night picture..taken by arie..

[quickie: Eid-adha 1430]

i’m celebrating Eid-adha in miri this year. 5th year without the family.
since it’s just an extra day for the weekend, nothing much planned during this weekend.
probably to the mosque in the morning and to some of the locals houses later.
didn’t even do cooking. if i were in States, i might at least have some nasi impit and kuah kacang.
but yesterday was quite a busy day meeting dateline. and perhaps to Brunei on Saturday.

so readers, Eid Mubarrak everyone!
wherever you are, have a blessed and wonderful Eid..
may the blessings of Allah be with you..

have a great weekend =)


I told Arie last week that I will never cry watching my sister’s keeper because I don’t usually cry watching movies. but I guess my sister’s keeper is the one movie yet that I cried the most. and it’s 1145am in the morning…haishhh…

hanum has been nagging me to update the blog. ahahah..so here goes..
hmm nothing much was happening for the past 2 or 3 weeks or so. asfarina came to miri for her boset and we (me, ayen, arie & ina) went for part deux of exploring miri. instead to esplanade we went to marina bay for a change.

one of the common questions I got from friends around me is how’s working life? Miri is fine, it’s been 2 months now (well actually 3, but have been away for PIPE & BOP in Oct) and started to like here. personally, life as a student is much better than working. when I start working, my daily, weekly or even monthly activities cycle seems to be the same. wake-up, to the office for 8 hours, dinner, and off to sleep. on weekends, it’s reserved for house cleaning, probably go to movies, bowling or picnic, and it’s back to Monday again. in the office, early of the month – production performance report, middle – activities planning & forecasting, end of month – the target letter. And more meetings..

starting to have a clearer picture of what I’ll be doing as a field planner and hopefully i will start to have love for the job soon. Hahaha… i have at least 5 meetings last week. not complaining because as a new staff i prefer attending meetings rather than sitting at the workstation doing nothing. ayen and hanum call me workaholic which I think is somewhat untrue…quoting mahfudz, it’s not workaholic, it’s just a feeling of wanting to do something…

sometimes, i miss the old me…

[quickie: manInTheMirror]

current addiction…

If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make A Change..


ate A LOT today..
had nasi lemak for breakfast, and bingka ubi..
thought of skipping the lunch, but ending up eating more than huda..
after lunch, munching 2 donuts in the office..
and pizza hut for dinner..

is it true that ryan seacrest is coming to happy valley this weekend?
how i wish i can fly to SC for the game..
went 2 years ago..tapi nittanyLions lost to OSU..
hopefully lions can do wonders against the nuts…

asfarina is here in Miri for her BOSET..so i guess, exploring Miri, part deux tomorrow..heheh..

have a great weekend everyone..
pennstaters, enjoy the greatest show in college football yeahh…

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