remember this?

had 3 missed calls from peyya at 9 this morning. i was just entering white building that time. called her back and she was asking if i’ll be going to my Tai Chi class. thought it has got something to do with amalia canceling class (she had her Tai Chi class at 8 & mine is at 9). and it’s not. she mentioned about a cold stone paperbag. i thought she’s giving me ice-cream at 9 in the morning or perhaps she may have left it and wanted me to pick the bag for her. it turned out that the cold stone’s bag was purposely left for me. 😀

and guess what’s inside…..



comel kan…

called home yesterday..for the first time i heard irfan ‘singing’ and say ‘bye2’..
can’t wait to go home and meet the kids….


p/s: these are just random, crappy stuff. don’t read it.

[35th THON]

THON 2008 logo

it’s that time for the year again. THON 2008 kicked off 4pm on Friday at BJC. all this while i thought those who involve in THON were merely students in frats and sororities. but actually, anybody can be part of THON. just pick any committee that you’d like to be in – Morale, OPP, Hospitality, etc. it is tiring to be involve with THON. but hey, it’s for a good cause. they raised more than $5 million last year. wonder what would this year’s numbers be.

More info: THON

Watch their webcast:THON Live webcast

nak pg tgk THON..jom…

*Update on THON: they managed to surpass last year’s numbers by more than $1 million..The overall total was $6,615,318.04. all the hard work are all worth it FTK (for the kids)..
watched the last hour of THON on the webcast…i wish i was part of THON…


my dear pennstaters threw a surprise birthday party for me that night. special thanks to my beloved roommates. seriously i did not see it coming coz i know they were busy with exams, reports and all. infact, my roommates had already gave me a birthday card before and it says that we’re going to baby’s for milkshakes next time. anyhow, we had ‘mee bandung’, ‘mee kari’, birthday cake (obviously!), and even rojak! macam raya plak..hehh..and even the apartment was decorated with ribbons and balloons.. it was great ~

dsc03288.jpg…the cards, pressies, and more Chocolate! =) …

thank you guys for the lovely night..i’ll put up the pics later coz they’re not with me right now..

watsonWyatt malaysia called the same night. they’re sending me the agreement..Alhamdulillah..

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