what happen if someone has agreed to do a volunteer work and at the very last moment that person fails to do so…
i feel bad not going to my alma mater last week. but i know i won’t be happy if i were there..
and now, it bounces back to me when someone told me that he or she wont be able to help as agreed before…*sigh*
never mind..

got to fetch afiq from school..

..baby irfan wants to be johnson’s baby of the year..


[make me smile..make me laugh]

went to klcc again today. been going there everyday since friday except sunday because of the discover US education thing. mmg klcc dah jadi my second home. had lunch with bekk and chaong and get updated with stories about other Munchers. i’m always the last person to know. watched vacancy at tgv. ending yg sgtlah bingung. and that film mcm xde storyline sgt pn. but, bekk’s treat so okla..hehh..

i had my old nokia6820 lcd fixed. now i can use my nokia instead the cingular’s samsung. byk memories with the phone – my phonebook, calendar yg full ngn birthdays, my old messages that i put in my own folders, etc. although that guy kt nokia center tu siap ckp, just find a new one. luckily dpt find a new shop yg boleh replace the lcd cheaper.

still hasn’t decide which laptop that i want to buy. dh bwk my mom survey2 in midval and dia dh berkenan ngn one HP laptop nih just because of the 3 year international warranty. but i still want to get a macbookPro or at least a macBook..*sigh*

friends sume xcuti..and yg cuti pn busy with practical and stuff. tp somehow, today i realized that i need to cherish this summer hols. yela, i’m free to go anywhere anytime without having to worry about lunch time ke weekdays ke projects ke seminar ke.

but i currently miss my best friend who is now in Japan. i thought she’s already back from japan. no wonder it’s hard to contact her. at first i thought i’ve done something bad yg sampai she doesn’t want to talk to me lagi…

everyone tgh crazy about harry potter new book. not me. xpandai baca fantasy2 ni and xsuke tgk movies yg for me, it’s not realistic. i still have 2 books nk abeskan baca. but too lazy to read..haishh..

nway, HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to my cousin, zaim..

[discover US education]

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-insyaAllah i’ll be at Penn State booth..

[back at home]

back at home. thanx to apai and budin for sending us off at newark and helping me carry my two heavy luggages in the rain. first bad news: roddick lost to gasquet in the quarter final. first good news: my summer result – just like what i’m hoping for. Alhamdulillah.

my sleeping time is weird. i don’t think it’s because of jet lagged. i sleep at 9 or 10pm and wake up at 2 or 3am. anyhow, Malaysia – so far so good. at least I’m not having problem with dry skin anymore. currently a ‘driver’ – i send and fetch afiq from his kindergarten. still having minor problems with my driving. too lazy to do anything. too lazy to even read and response to emails. i have tons of things that need to be settled. just don’t feel to do any one of them. beyh came to visit. bekk called. few of my friends are now doing their practical. and i’m bored. i’m suppose to have lunch with chaong at klcc coz she’s doing her practical there. ouh and yeah, nak claim lunch from a senior as well 😛 hahahha..

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..i want one..

surprisingly, my laptop is working just fine. but i think it has heat problem. watched steve jobs’ speech on iPhones and iPods. genius! and suddenly i was thinking to own a Macbook. if i were to own one, it’s better for me to buy a Macbook Pro. but it’s too expensive. my computer allowance from my sponsor isn’t that much. Hmm..

irwan started atusentral.com for ATU bloggers. the project: quite nice. but, don’t think i would want to join it. xpandai.


it’s been a while since my last post. i’m done for summer school which is so great. really glad, that i managed to survive in my business writing class. there were times, i feel like dropping the course, but as my senior pesan: it’s better for you to suffer for 6 weeks rather than suffering for 13 weeks in the normal semester and lg payah bila dh senior.

it’s 4th of july arini – US independence day. and tomorrow..yeay i’m going back to malaysia. we’ll be driving from Penn State at 2pm. hopefully, we can reach newark by 6pm the latest pn 7 kot. thanx to kunod cz rent kan kereta, apai – the driver, faiez n syahir for making sure everything is in place..if x..we have to take the greyhound (bus) to newark airport.. 😦
cant’t wait..i’m excited! well obviously..

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..can’t wait to meet them..

so, do pray that we’ll have a safe journey. and the next time around i’ll blog from my home – i guess, if streamyx tak buat hal. been following wimbledon tourney. roddick is in the quarter. unfortunately i didn’t watch the whole match both against paul and verdasco 😦 my laptop couldn’t function properly since i spilt some milk on it few days ago. but, the laptop is still under warranty.so, when i’m back in malaysia, boleh hantar service at HP.
one good thing about HP is the customer service. i bought my laptop in malaysia like 3 years ago (well almost) and i was having problem with my hard drive some time ago, it took them just one day to send me a new hard drive – FOC!

well, need to do some more packing. hopefully my bags x overweight. most probably nk tgk fireworks tonight. just thought of spending time with the seniors before balek..heeeee..

– my sis do a countdown before i arrive home.sweett..