Take 2 days of your annual leave and you get 10 days off. Who doesn’t want that..10 days of not going to work..back to peninsular instead of stuck in miri. However I’m one of those “lucky” ones who are chose to stay in the office during gawai hols..

“someone need to be present..we’re still operating” – mrX…

Just got back from KK. It’s a short and full of laughter trip. Ahaha. Mamutik is one of the islands in KK and we went snorkeling there on Saturday. Although it rained in the evening, we’re still had a great time enjoying our trip. Am so glad that I decided to come along to KK instead of staying in Miri the whole 10 days.

Thank you Hanum for all your hospitality and gossips haha..pronto find ticket to miri..dah janji kan..
And Ayen & Haniff, thanx for inviting me for the trip..and driving us to kundasang and for the good jokes and of course the photos!!

Next trip to KK – climb mount Kinabalu (in my dreams haha), water rafting in Padas (hoho) and shopping at oneB..and pearls and more pearls…heeeeeee

I’ll create a page for the trip photos later..my celcom broadband doesn’t work properly when it rains..

By the way, CONGRATULATIONS to Alya, Raihan, Pujen, Josh, Azmil, Khai, and Taufiq on your wedding this June. I didn’t get to attend any of those invitations. May your marriage is filled with more joy and happiness and live happily ever after…

And also CONGRATULATIONS to my ex-roommate Wanie, for your newborn baby boy – Neil Ezzofar (betul kan?)..hehh..