[syawal 1431H]

i know this is kinda late, but since we’re still in the month of Syawal, i would like to wish everyone Eid Mubarak! wherever you are i’m sure everyone had a good time celebrating Eid this year =)

i celebrated Eid in my hometown in Ampang. we didn’t go back to KB this year.
i think it’s quite some time since i last celebrate Eid there..
anyways, i enjoyed Eid this year more than last year simply because i got to stay at home longer… hehh

here’s my syawal chronology.. nothing grand about it..tp nak jgak cerita..

[phase 3]

Alhamdulillah what a productive saturday~

Laundry & spring cleaning – the room, lounges, and of course the Kitchen including defrosting the fridge (ok this is not done by pushing the button je ye…me and huda actually scraped the frost that has accumulated on the walls..)

then to the office to get my iphone charger, read few emails, and off to do my safety glasses. initially the plan was to go to bazaar at kem tentera but on our way there Arie called telling that there is no bazaar at kem today. so we went for bazaar Ramadhan at the stadium instead. but before that we stopped by “cantik silk” (am not sure actually the name of the shop..betul ke Maaruf?) to find tudung for my baju raya hehh.. but didn’t buy any…

anyways, we had a short halaqah last tuesday. and ena shared with us on ibadah during the last 10 days of Ramadhan. would like to share them with my readers as well =). but the list below is taken from Al-Maghrib’s forum:

1. Make a timetable for oneself for the last ten days
2. Spend the last 10 days in I’thikaaf in Mosques
3. Recite the Qur’an abundantly
4. Strive to gain forgiveness
5. Do Parents Khidmat (Help)
6. Do much Supererogatory Prayers – Solat2 Sunat
7. Increase in Dhikr (Rememberance of Allah)
8. Make much dua
9. Seek out Laylatul Qadr
10. Assess and evaluate yourself and make the changes for the rest of the year! – Muhassabah

if we were to divide Ramadhan into 3 phases, we’re now in the 3rd phase of it..the last 10 days (or now it’s 5..) of Ramadhan… let’s do some analogy.. usually, say during games/activities the higher level we go, we put more effort, and it’s become more challenging but the points are also greater.. so same goes to our deeds.. for me it does become more challenging towards the end of Ramadhan.. more office work to catch up, hari raya plans, futur?, more distraction? etc. but the goal of course is still to make the best out of Ramadhan this year..therefore we need to strive harder and insyaAllah we’ll get the rewards in hereafter.. =)
(ok i’m not sure if this analogy is valid..but this is what struck my mind earlier..)

so ppl, have a blessed remaining days of Ramadhan..
for those going back to your hometown for Eid, have a safe journey home..
and have a great weekend =)