so it’s battle of the spaniards..verdasco vs. nadal..
and tonight andy will meet federer..(booo)

tennissss1..when espn belum start showing live matches..
and one of the reasons, i can’t study in front of my laptop..ahaha..

i thought nadal and defending champ djokovic will be in the final..wrong…
new prediction: nadal-fedEx or verdasco-fedEx..
although i’m a big fan of andy, and even he seems to be in a good shape right now, i’m quite skeptical, he’d win tonight..but nothing is impossible..he may on his way to his first Aussie Open final…

back at home, my sis-in-law gave birth to a baby girl..
so my fourth anak buah..and my second niece..
masih belum ade name..

sian baby xsihat kna stay in hospital..


it’s kind of funny when there is more than one person thought that my birthday is in January..
thanx for the advance wishes anyway..ehehh..


some of the gifts that i’ve received within the week. we had this one game among the girls during Tamrin, where in the end we exchanged gifts with someone else. so Nik from SUNY got me the PJs pant..comel sgt..and dahla mmg i kinda need a new one, since i left one during our europe trip..ahaks.. so nik, if you ever read this..thank you..the teddy in the bucket was a gift from the Helwa 2009 high-comm. thank you sisters. good luck jaga helwa ok..

ok..that was last week..and my kakak in AA who’re now filled with love..ahaks..sent me a beautiful and meaningful card..masz..thank you tau..daju hampir lupe you sent me one..so kinda of surprise actually..
and those words..really2 sweet…
and lastly, i just received the bag and the ‘gantung2’ thinggy from my dearest zahirah zainudin today..
so busuk~ if you read this..eheh..although it’s one month early..thank you sgt2..for the pressies and the card..suke~

went to see my first ever live basketball game in BJC..we won!! although lions mcm hampeh up until the last 8 minutes or so..but overall, it was fun..to Ada, Budin, and Far..
thank you ikut pg tgk..next game..wisconsin jom..ahaha..
and far, next time kite beli ice cream before the game ok 😉


so, it’s been a while..i know..and yes, the same, old, lame reason: i have no idea what to write..
tennis season is back and i’m currently trying to stay awake to catch andy’s match or even better watch safin vs. federer match. we’ll see..

am taking 13 credits this semester. 5 courses altogether. doesn’t seem very usual for a 8th semester senior. my classes are great and fun so far. except that i need to work extra hard for my time-series and my LP class. those math and engineering majors are genius. they don’t need to carry calculator with them.

anyways, sometimes i think that those who are good in music are also good at numbers and vice versa. or perhaps i should say those who love numbers love music too. i’m not good at both. but, i deal with numbers, and yes, i like music too. i even pernah terfikir to major in music. but i think the school will reject me..haha..

well, not trying to make any generalization here. although music and math seem to be two totally different principles (couldn’t come out with a better word), but i think there is some sort of correlation between them. my stat professor graduate with a degree in music performance, master in math and did his phD in Stat. my ins410 teacher, who is a SOA fellow, plays trumpet in a Jazz band. and i have a couple of friends that doing act. sci. and play music on weekends. i thought i’ll be the only act. sci student in my piano class. wrong. there’s another act. sci. student, and at least 2 finance and acctg majors. see, these ppl deal with numbers and have at least some amount of passion in music. perhaps someone should make a study on this matter. ntah2 dah ada kan..hahahhha..

i love fridays..and pennstaters, if you read this, jom tgk basketball this saturday @ BJC.. somehow the men basketball this yr xdela hampeh sgt..hehh..

here are some of my europe pics: curi from fb Ada n Peyya~ hehh..
maybe i should create a special page/entry..tp for now let it be…
i like the pictures to be on this page, it’s kinda neat how wordpress set the gallery..
but since it takes too long to click at individual pic and wait for it to load, i’ve created a subpage under the Owner’s tab specifically for the europe pics..

[theFirst of theLast]

hahahahahaha….aah xperasan!…selamat bersekolah! hari ni last 1st day kau sekolah…

fawwaz wrote that on my fb wall. today would be my 1st day of my last semester in Penn State. huhu..
good luck people for Spring 2009..
it’s nanie’s 23rd, apiez’s 22nd, and fawwaz’s 21st Birthday today..
Happy Birthday~

[50 stateQuartersCollection]


i never realized about the state quarters until masz showed to me in NY back in summer2006 and start collecting them. luckily, i’m still in the States when the program ended.
i found the 50th state – Hawaii, quarter last wednesday. =)
the 50 state quarters are minted by both Denver and Philly Mints. but, i didn’t bother to own 2 separate collections..

it’s still not too late to collect if you haven’t started yet.
(with one condition: never use your the quarters you’ve collected for your laundry..haha)

i bought the map on eBay. they used to sell it on the US mint website.

perhaps i should be a coin collector and start collecting other coins as well..ehehehh..

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