Cream puffs for Teeny’s Hi Tea potluck
Bread pudding for my Bulatan Gembira (BG) 🙂

There goes my weekend… Another baking weekend. And I’m loving it!

Have a great week ahead everyone 🙂



i told myself this morning, “must update the blog tonight” since i still haven’t post anything in October ahaha.

life is pretty much the same and Alhamdulillah i can say that i can still achieve my work-life balance (hehh confident je..) despite quite a busy schedule earlier this month..

  • BPD SES: Alhamdulillah everything goes as planned. although it is just another SES, but i believe the team has put a lot of effort to it, and i really appreciate the team contribution. but sorry takde breakfast..hehh..
  • MYPR: Submitted. I’m not sure how serious am I doing my review. Haha..
  • ICP: i did my ICP at the very last minute. Planned to close 6 gaps by next year. Hopefully, my plan is realistic enough..hehe..
  • this week has been a travelling week for me. it’s been quite some time since i last left miri for business trips. hehe. had a meeting in KL on monday, back to miri on Tuesday, and off to Bintulu for both Wednesday and Thursday.

    went to lambir waterfall yesterday together with few sisters from kak salwa’s halaqah group. yesterday was an off day for us in-lieu of YDP Sarawak’s birthday. the trekking part was quite challenging since the trail was quite slippery and we brought lots of food with us. but it’s all paid off when we see this…

    and the food…

    i’m most probably going to be assigned to another section for the next 6 month. it’s still in planning, and the section is located next to my cubicle..eheh…but nothing is official yet..
    it’s not that i don’t like what i’m currently doing. but to get the opportunity to learn new stuff, is something that i should not let it go..

    so, am just praying what’s best for me..and readers please pray for me as well ok… =)

    have been viewing couples of youtube videos from Sheffield’s NEXT competition..and really like the first song from Sheff-One… the original singer is Opick btw..

    ouh and UTP’s commencement ceremony this weekend. 2 field planners are graduating – Maaruf & Ian..
    so yeah CONGRATULATIONS ppl…


    i haven’t post anything on baking/cooking for quite some time…eheh..
    so here goes one recipe..i guess it’s called batikCheese cake..
    thanks to Aishah for the recipe…

    i made one yesterday for SKO potluck iftar. (i’ll update more on my iftar invitations in another post..if rajen la..)
    it was my 3rd attempt making it. the first one was for the colleagues, and second time was during potluck at Jiro’s..

    things you need:
    – 1 block of kraft philadelphia cream cheese (250g)
    – 1/2 block of unsalted butter (125g)
    – 1 cup of sugar
    – 1 tin of nestle Cream

    – 1 packet of marie biscuits.
    (however i usually use only half of it…)

    the “How” part:

    1. mix together cream cheese, butter, sugar and nestle Cream in a big bowl
    i’d suggest it is better to use electric mixer rather than the egg beater eheh…

    2. layered the biscuits with the cream cheese mix

    3. refrigerate the cake for few hours
    4. and this is how it looks like when you cut it in pieces

    it’s simple, fast & delicious.. =)


    bintang probably the biggest shopping mall in miri.
    siap ada toys ‘R us in bintang..
    kak raihan is so nice to fetch me on Saturday and brought me to bintang.
    didn’t buy a lot of things. saje jalan2..
    my first weekend here wasn’t that bad. saturday evening, chotd called telling that she’s in imperial. she just returned from offshore for some reasons..heh.. so first day berbuka, adela orang teman..
    spent the night at imperial, watching manU, but fell asleep before the 5 goals..
    there’s a new girl coming to SKO. haven’t met her yet. she’s currently staying on the same floor with me..
    all in all, it was a nice short weekend..
    not bad la.. had chicken pie & mushroom for berbuka today from dave’s deli..dah lama tak makan dave’s deli..but i miss baking my own chicken pie too..haihh..

    pennstaters, welcome back to school..heheh..
    and i think it’s still not too late to wish everyone a blessed Ramadhan…

    [lastWeekend @ SC]

    it’s my last weekend in SC, and i’ve been given the priority to pick an activity to do…hehh..
    after listing all the possible options, which include trips to six-flags and dorneypark, i decided that we all go for paintball instead. glad they all love it..
    lagi pun, sume org bangun lambat due to gila-gila remaja movie..haha..

    so my weekend started with late dinner at TGIF, and gila-gila remaja movie on friday night…



    breakfast at waffleshop with the girls on Saturday, strolled down college avenue, and paintball in the evening..




    ..heh, bina gembira je..




    ..team gagak hitam..


    ..azroyyy’s team..


    ..one for the album..

    dinner at home..thank you iylia for the kek pisang and black pepper chicken..sedap sgtt =)
    and watched 2 movies..
    it’s 3.40am Sunday and am still awake..just had caramel latte from DD…

    soderling vs. federer at 9am today..and game #2 – magic vs lakers tonite…
    to pennstaters yang ade midterm all the best la yer…hehh..rindu plak nk midterm2 nih 😛

    thank you biena…for the photos..
    thank you people..forr the last and memorable weekend in SC…

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