[nawal’s reception]

Congratulations Nawal Nadiah Saifuddin on your wedding..
nawal was my roommate/groupmate during PIPE..
we spent most of the time together in permata..
even some of the PIPErs thought we’re twins..
some even mistakenly called me nawal..haha..
Had a great time catching up with the PIPE 48 group1 people again.. =)
we only had 1 photo with the couple..
unfortunately it was taken by the wedding photographer..
all photos credits to ayen…


[quickie: 4 hari lagi]

currently in KL til 22nd of Dec..
then going back to miri for 2 more days..
come back again on 24th evening for a long holiday~ yeay =)

4 more days..i wish i could fast fwd time..
a lil bit panic for tomorrow and tuesday..
kakak2 sume xde..xde geng la pg interface..huhu..


this is sangat crap…but i still want to blog..don’t bother to click more…

[TED: SixthSense]

i’m not sure if i ever blog about TED before. mr.masche is the one who introduced me about TED by putting TED videos on his blog. later, i found out that i can spend hours just by watching the videos. in fact i even have a tab specifically for TED on my netvibes. but it’s been a while since i last watch TED video, due to the internet connection in malaysia. hehe..

anyways, months ago, i shared with gokun and another person (i can’t remember who, either haleem or izwan) during the summer makan2 at the Graduate on Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demo SixthSense video. And today nas put a link on his fb to share with everyone on the latest video of the Sixth Sense technology. this time around, Pranav himself gave the presentation. so i believe it’s worth sharing with my blog readers (yg sikit ni) on the two videos…Enjoy~