[quickie: theEnd of THE roadtrip]

just got back from boston..we actually drove to Yale – Boston – Rochester – Buffalo & Niagara and back to penn state. it was definitely..one of the BESTTTT and AWESOMMMMEE trip i ever had. Alhamdullilah, everything went well. From the first day i rent the car, and i just returned it back to Enterprise.

Thank You ppl.. the 14 of you guys.. with all the cold + shivering weather and the rainy day in boston, none dampen our spirit to continue our road trip and have a great time together.

our ‘Percutian dh berakhir’…huhuhu..sedih..

will update later with the all the pictures ‘yg mcm dalam postcard’..hehhehh..

p/s: cubbie had a great time too 😉 haha


[quickPost: have A great thanxgivingBreak]

i’ll be leaving for DC in 2 hours..(ce..mcm xbalek je esok)
to the nittanyLions die hard fans..please take care of Javon Ringer and Michigan State..ok..let me updated just in case i can’t watch once i’m in DC..and in case you guys meet D-Will after he made the kickoff return touchdown..(he better make one) 😉 say HI to him for me..hahahha

for those traveling to Seattle, Philly, NYC, Boston, Canada, AtlanticCity, or wherever you’ll be going,
have a safe and enjoyable trip..come back to PSU in one piece, and don’t overspent ok.. 😉

for those who’re not going anywhere, downtown may be dead, but have a relaxing break..and enjoy the snow.. =)

wish me luck ppl..please pray for me..huhu..

to my #9 team..sorry for not playing last nite..it would make the game a disaster if i play..haha..so better tak yah la kan..at least i’m there all the way cheering for you ppl….runner-up..xdela trok sgt rite? 😉

take care ppl.and have a great weekend..i’ll see you when i see you..


i am looking forward for thanxgiving break so that i can….

  • wake up dgn tenang without worrying bout classes, grading, and assignments
  • watch my fav tv shows..back to back..
  • watch nolan’s movies as ajmal has suggested..back to back jgak..
  • read storybooks while listening to my current playlist which is full of gooGooDolls and taylorSwift’s music..
  • improve my baking skills..
  • put aside my bigHeavyMaroon book..
  • practice my piano skills..and also try new stuff on the keyboard..

but..that’s not happening because instead…

  • i choose to fly for DC on saturday..be back by Sunday night..
  • go on a roadtrip to Boston on Monday morning with dearest pennstaters.. =)
  • tamrin starts Friday..and cant wait to see the familiar faces..
  • and Ron has just deferred the midterm to after the break..and now i cant put aside the bigHeavyMaroon book.. =(

and i know i’ll be flattt by sunday..but that’s ok..because by then ba411 is officially over..yeahh..
and i’ll be looking forward for winter break plak…

it’s snowy outside..and i’m so sleepy..


yesterday was my final NittanyLions’s home game in Beaver. unless i continue my post-grad here. which is impossible. or even better come back as an alumni..hehhe…we stayed a little bit longer after the game taking pictures around beaver stadium.. thanx mao and budin for your cameras.

it may not be as hyped as both illinois and michigan game. and although it was raining, it was perfect for my last game – pennstate beat the hoosiers, we got to be in the s-zone, and we even took pictures with some of the well-known players..i’m a little bit disappointed coz, d-will xde.. 😦

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

..nice and cool “greatest show in college football” mug..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

..group picture: one for the album..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


..Kevin Kelly, Sr. PlaceKicker..

..Jordan Norwoon, Sr. WideReceiver..

i look so ‘sememeh’ because of the rain and the oversize S-Zone tshirt..haha..
there are a couple more pics on mao and budin’s fb..malas nk save..


“Disappointment is a sort of bankruptcy — the bankruptcy of a soul that expends too much in hope and expectation.”
..Eric Hoffer

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