[theFinal 2 weeks]

[Note: this post going to be here for a while. scroll down for updates ok 🙂 ]

this is how my final 2 weeks as an undergrad looks like:

Wednesday, Apr 29th 2009
Linear Programming Exam #3 DONE!

Thursday, Apr 30th 2009
Music 051 (Piano) Final Exam
eTopps, Finance 305 Assignment due

Friday, May 1st 2009
INS 497A Final Project Due

Monday, May 4th 2009
STAT 510 Final – 0800hrs
INS 497A Final – 1430hrs

Tuesday, May 5th 2009
FIN 305 Final -1010hrs
MATH 484 Final – 1830hours (it’s all depends on my exam 3 grade)

Thursday, May 7th 2009
1st attempt SOA Exam FM – 1230hrs

wish me luck & please pray for me ok..
to all my dear penn staters, all the best and have faith =)


[blue&white Game 09]

my first and last blue and white game…
probably yesterday was my last time to be inside Beaver…
is it worth it to buy next season’s tickets? definitely!
thank you people for another memorable weekend…

..we sat under a hot sun..


..they sat under the roof..xmacho laa..haha..j/k..

..daryll clark in red..


..i look so short..


..the girls, willing to be there even in baju kurung!..


going into the tunnel

..one for the album..

photos from mao and gokun’s camera…


my 2nd niece: Siti Nur Sofea..
3 months old..
she looks like me when i was a baby..hahha..
geramla..can’t wait to see her..


we’re invited to Brian’s for dinner last night. had a conversation with his wife. the most common question that i get as a senior, what do you want to do after graduation? and my answer would be, go back home, try to find a job. she said, with the current situation, just grab any opportunities that you have, because they may open up for others.

honestly, i have no idea what exactly i want to do. am still jobless, job hunting pun tak berkesan, grad school? i didn’t prepare for that. no gre, no gmat, not a single application.

received 3 texts from a best friend back home asking for some advice since she is undecided what she wants to do after this. i think most of the seniors are all in the same situation. all i can tell her is to keep on praying for the best because, definitely Allah knows best right.

(if you click ‘more’ be prepared for a long and crappy post…ahah)


bought the vanilla wafers for snacks while i’m at 3rd floor paterno. but Ada requested for banana pudding since she didn’t get a chance to eat it during the bbq. so I made one on monday. you can get the recipe at the back of the box. and i think next time i want to use nilla wafers instead of keebler’s..
here are some pictures…


..cook the pudding with milk..

..refrigerate the pudding for few hours..



..layered the wafers and banana with pudding and whipped cream..


..refrigerate the pudding and serve chilled..

and today i decided to bake chicken pie. not one but 2 pies =)
thanx to masz for sharing the recipe.
this is actually my 3rd attempt baking chicken pie. although mine didn’t look similar in the picture on the website, but i’m totally satisfied with its taste =)



both captains of yellow and purple house are in the men’s double badminton competition tomorrow..
all the best yer..jom la pg tgk & support =P

and cornley playing football? erkk…tak sesuai la….
have a great weekend people…

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