i told myself this morning, “must update the blog tonight” since i still haven’t post anything in October ahaha.

life is pretty much the same and Alhamdulillah i can say that i can still achieve my work-life balance (hehh confident je..) despite quite a busy schedule earlier this month..

  • BPD SES: Alhamdulillah everything goes as planned. although it is just another SES, but i believe the team has put a lot of effort to it, and i really appreciate the team contribution. but sorry takde breakfast..hehh..
  • MYPR: Submitted. I’m not sure how serious am I doing my review. Haha..
  • ICP: i did my ICP at the very last minute. Planned to close 6 gaps by next year. Hopefully, my plan is realistic enough..hehe..
  • this week has been a travelling week for me. it’s been quite some time since i last left miri for business trips. hehe. had a meeting in KL on monday, back to miri on Tuesday, and off to Bintulu for both Wednesday and Thursday.

    went to lambir waterfall yesterday together with few sisters from kak salwa’s halaqah group. yesterday was an off day for us in-lieu of YDP Sarawak’s birthday. the trekking part was quite challenging since the trail was quite slippery and we brought lots of food with us. but it’s all paid off when we see this…

    and the food…

    i’m most probably going to be assigned to another section for the next 6 month. it’s still in planning, and the section is located next to my cubicle..eheh…but nothing is official yet..
    it’s not that i don’t like what i’m currently doing. but to get the opportunity to learn new stuff, is something that i should not let it go..

    so, am just praying what’s best for me..and readers please pray for me as well ok… =)

    have been viewing couples of youtube videos from Sheffield’s NEXT competition..and really like the first song from Sheff-One… the original singer is Opick btw..

    ouh and UTP’s commencement ceremony this weekend. 2 field planners are graduating – Maaruf & Ian..
    so yeah CONGRATULATIONS ppl…