**blogging from the phone**
Another short & crappy entry..

They said you can’t always get what you want. It’s true indeed..

I sense that history may repeat itself. And if it does, I should have known what the decision is. But I believe when the time comes, I’ll still be indecisive…


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[quickie: New Year 2011]

i’ve just realized that i didn’t post anything in December. Gosh i thought i’d be able to have at least 1 post per month.. too busy..or too lazy..ahah..

anyways, 2010 has been a great year overall..  travelling, new challenges, new place in miri, new position, getting to know people, starting to like miri?? hmm, and many more…

guess it’s still not too late to wish you people,


BEST WISHES for 2011!

my resolutions? to continue my August 2010 resolutions..ahah… and perhaps more blogging posts..hopefully…