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[serves me right]


first day of class – confused and sad..
i’m intimidated by those SHC students in ins320..want to change section drop the class.. ;(
why cant i get into fin 408..please ade openings please..
aarghh..apsal saya major actuarial science..

[save the turtles]

Friday, 20th July, 2230hrs
Cherating, Pahang

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting turtles..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting for each person..
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
..last kiss..haha..
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..bye bye..

it is said that out of 1000 baby turtles..only one will survive and come back to lay the turtles..

[good girl gone bad]

back at ‘home’..
the 23hrs journey was a bit tiring..
had breakfast at the waffle shop this morning..
after two long years in psu..first time masok that shop..
time flies so fast..i’m now a junior!..gosh…all the ‘freaking’ 400 level classes..
moving into a new apartment tomorrow..
new life i guess..
probably it will take some time for me to adjust myself
since i’ve been living alone for the past two years..
need to buy stuffs for my new apartment..
wanie and ada bought a plant to put at one corner..
i was thinking of getting a bonsai..
i want to have a cookie jar as well..hehh..
and maybe even a box of jigsaw hobby.. =)
brought jumbles along this he can meet up with abby..
totally unprepared for fall 2007..i do not even have a pencil for me to go to class..
still haven’t finalized my schedule..trok btol..
undecided..should i proceed to do stat minor or just go with my major..hmm..
currently enrolled for fencing..since dulu nk try fencing..
although it may be a tough sport for me..we’ll see..if it goes well, i’ll continue the class..
hopefully i’ll have a good semester..

but currently have bad feelings about everything..
i think i’ve done something bad to someone or perhaps some people..

all the best people…

-cant sleep..masih jetlag..


there’s no specific reason why i make my make my blog private for the last couple of days. at first, thought of stop blogging and shutting down the blog. tp sayang plak.

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anyhow, last week, went to muar – afiq’s kampung. my ‘biras’ house la kiranye. it’s been a long time since my last visit. they have their own kebun kt blakang umah with various kind of local fruits. unfortunately, the durian and the mangosteen season has almost ended. yang tinggal rambutan, pulasan, cempedak and mata kucing.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting trying using the galah. berjaya la gak. see the fruits in the red box..

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..afiq with some mata kucing..

i never really experience kampung style of living. coz my kampung in kelantan pun mcm tak kampung dah. and when i was a little kid i used to live with my grandma and aunt in kampung baru – which is in the heart of KL. so, no kampung life there. hehh..

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..time to go home..