Juniper Bonsai Tree from Hallmark

hallmark offers 15% off for their bonsai. the temptation is there. but still, it is quite expensive. always wanted some sort of small plant or tree. thought of sending a friend a bonsai or cactus as birthday present. bila fikir, what if dia tak pandai look after..rugi je.. perhaps, when i’m moving in my new apartment next semester, i should get one. some said that tak elok ade pokok dalam rumah..why ekk?? is it because trees consume oxygen malam2..hmm..

two more weeks to go..3 paper assignments, 2 group projects, 1 midterm, and a final..
rasa nk fast forward kan time…

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  1. Minci
    Jun 14, 2007 @ 10:14:02

    i’ve heard about that as well..but then, it’s not that you have a big tree in your room kan. takkanlah the plant consumes that many oxygen to kill you. but i guess to be safe, you can always put it outside.

    how much is the ori price for the bonsai?

    There’s also people selling little cactuz and bonsai plants as key chains.. maybe you can google that. Supposedly, don’t need that much looking after.. 🙂

  2. jet
    Jun 14, 2007 @ 21:18:33

    hoo..yakah..igtkan bagos letak pokok lam bilik..ye, bape rege bonsai..wa..keychain form?menareknye..demand dr yasmin for my next birthday..haha..

  3. kalamsepi
    Jun 14, 2007 @ 22:58:13

    wah wah minat bonsai ya daju? menarik!
    daju mesti pandai jaga bonsai kan? tuh minat..
    boleh lah ajar2 lepas nih 😀

  4. daju
    Jun 15, 2007 @ 09:44:37

    huhh..blom ade bonsai lg..
    nk join bonsai club 😛

    the cheapest kt hallmark tu cm 30++ bucks lebih kurg GBP 15 kot..tp alahai..kecik je..cm xworth it..ke mmg mahal??

    the one in the pic 60bucks..

    keychain..menarik gk..

  5. Minci
    Jun 17, 2007 @ 03:20:18

    nama pun bonsai.. so it is expected to be mucho expensivo..

  6. aileen
    Jun 23, 2007 @ 08:47:31

    daju’ 🙂
    singgah jap tgk2 daju’..hehe..take care aite ~

  7. daju
    Jun 25, 2007 @ 06:00:44

    hi, aileen..
    thanx for stopping by 🙂

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