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hey i got an idea. i want to create a column/category: ‘those were the days’ in this blog. and i will write bout my past experience (only if i feel like writing yer). let see how long this may last.hehh

Disclaimer: sorry if i bored you guys with these stuff. haha. and what i wrote here may not 100% true as i may exclude or even exaggerate some details.

one more to week to go. and i wish today is my last day here at this company. but, it’s good that i have another week since i haven’t met a number of people to say goodbye. a colleague’s username has expired. and no more access to server. and hence – bored!

logging in to my fb this morning and saw a pic of my jr in high school during a band meeting at our dining hall. ouh we used to practice at the high tables in the hall by the way. i have lots of memories with the band squad. some are nice some are not.

i joined the team in my sophomore year. being recruited in a ‘overplayers’ section was not really a good call. well, i can’t blow those brasses. too small (errkk..) or maybe not given a chance to try the percussion and the fact that the section leader loves my ‘sound’ during the audition and there i was another alto-sax player.

when u’re a junior in a rhythm squad, u don’t get treated very well. i’m lucky to be in my section where the seniors are very much considerate. seeing my friends being treated in other sections made me thankful i’m in this section. and the rest were just band practices, meetings, ‘lecture’ sessions (ouh i jarang kna this one), band room cleaning, competitions, and performances.

i only got my chance to take part in a competition in my fourth year. but i already had my chances to perform in my second and third year – but only for those small functions performances. lambatkan. as i said, it’s ‘overplayers’.

that year, the school decided to take a new instructor for us. the instructor used to be a national symphony orchestra member and also a band instructor for another school. we also decide not to compete in marching competition and only focus more on orchestra. and there he was leading two orchestra teams – our team and the other school.

the main problem with our team is ‘tuning’. we even have extra practices during the school holidays to perfect our tuning. and it really paid off. and the ‘stay back’ period was awesome. we had our practice till 10 or 11 o’clock at night. had delicious suppers. chit chat, gossiping till early in the morning. making much noises in the dorms. or even climbing the rooftoop.

during the competition, we performed quite badly during the prelims. but still manage to be in the final round. and with the support of other members and the rest of collegians, we won third place and was listed among other gold award teams.

ouh by the way, the competition week was really great. we also had our PMR award ceremony the same week. so it’s a double celebration for us. the rest is history.

p/s: oops..federer lost in cincy 😀 (kejam..hehh)…and roddick tak abeh dengan injuries 😦


[randyPausch dies]

the well-knowned CMU professors, randy pausch died last friday. i was browsing wsj websites and later found out about the news. randy’s inspirational “last lecture” has impacted thousands or even millions of people around the world. the lecture has also been turned into a book.

read jeff zaslow’s article here.
An enduring legacy


finally done with the assignment that i’m suppose to do. – finding the medical/treatment cost for some common diseases from year to year in malaysia. it’s not that easy. and even though i don’t get a lot information i don’t feel like ‘googling’ them over and over again. plus, it become more frustrated when these gov. offices never reply my emails. what is the purpose of putting the contact details on the website and not replying emails and keep transferring calls from one dept to another. except for dept. of stats. even if they dont have such info, at least they get back to me promptly.

of my new resolution – drinking more water. hehh. i know its not Jan 1st.
while doing the research, i went through a lot of articles bout kidney diseases and diabetes. and not wanted to be part of the statistics, from now on i will drink more plain water. all these while, its hard to see me drinking even two glasses of water a day. dont believe it? ask my roommates.

i’ve reduced my soda (soft drink) consumption to once or twice a month for the past one year or so, and i think it’s not possible for me to substitute other drinks with water. well, of course except when i’m sleepy, i still need my coffee.

my intern days are quite boring lately. there’s not much to do. 15 minutes to lunch..cptla..me hungry..


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pic: wimbledon.org

rafael nadal won his first wimbledon and his second grand slams title for the year. he beat federer in five sets and last night’s match was the longest ever men’s final. i did not stay up till the end of the match, but my instinct says nadal will win this time.haha. better luck next time federer. no worries, ade one more grand slam title to grab this year.. =)


finally had a chance to watch wanted this afternoon. love it. highly recommended.

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toys ‘R us are now open at klcc. and the first toy that i saw is this let’ go fishin toy. i reckon that most of us used to play this toy when we’re kid. it’s sort of a must have toy..haha..

the two brats went back to muar. senyap rumah ni. and bam came this morning. that 10 yr old boy has a nice voice singing kelly clarkson’s..

planning to meet kakak tomorrow..hopefully jadi..if not i’ll pay her visit at the challenge. blakang office je tu..hehh..

and its nadal-federer showdown again tomorrow..please nadal beat federer again..haha..

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