current addiction: solving cryptograms, sudoku-X , extra region sudoku, kakuro, futoshiki, skyscraper etc.

..an example of kakuro. taken from dokakuro.com ..

it’s all started 2 weeks ago when i visited arie’s room and found out that she has a lot of puzzle books. i used to enjoy solving sudoku back in my college years. one of the reasons was to stay awake in class. ahhah. so, we went to popular the next day to get me one. unfortunately there are not many puzzle books in miri’s popular bookstore. most of them are sudoku puzzles. (boring~) and it makes me want to go back to kl even more. for the record, i haven’t gone back to KL for 2 months..tabah2..ahah..

but i still manage to buy one and it is called the rough guide book of brain training. there are a lot of different puzzles in this book and all the puzzles mentioned above are included as well. my fav would be kakuro and futoshiki. go google to find out more. am still stuck at sudoku-X and the killer-sudoku though…