[missing SC]

i miss State College and the people… =(


[quickie: level41]

This is what happen bile jakun naik level 41. Haha

[the 48th batch]

honestly, i’m not that excited at first knowing that as a new exec, i have to undergo this 16 days induction program. most of my friends who have already went to the same program told that it’s going to be exciting and it definitely is.

am so glad to be in the great and amazing group #1 and of course the ‘cohesive….Ness’ subgroup and to have two wonderful facilitators. the program somehow managed to convince me in some ways that this organization is the right one for me to start my career..

now that it’s over, i’ve started to miss a lot of things..

– the group and the bowling trip
– the ‘numbering system’..(haha)
– the outings..hehh..thanx to those who have cars and willing to take us out….
– the “primary school” teka-teki..
– and the list goes on….

to those who’re in the same induction with me, especially the nawal & hanum, my cohesiveness & #1 group members, the C and L group..
thanx for the great memories..
this is just our first baby step in this organization, and i wish everyone great success in your career and life..

*i’ve created a subpage under the Owner tab for the pictures. Credits to Hanum, Ayen, Asfarina, & Mr. Alias..

[quickie: spiderWeb]

spiderWeb is one of the activities we did today..
second day of the induction program..
so far everything goes well..
am fortunate to have a twin-sharing room instead of the quad..
lovely roommate, great food, got to be in the energetic (quite hyper la jgak) group..lol
great facilities..and nice facilitators..

13 days to go….