had my first iftar with mama and ayah after 4 years. the best weekend ever. both of them came to visit me in miri. call me ‘manja’ or ngade2..tak kesahla..they came to see my new place and at the same time help me moving out from the hotel.. thanks to Huda (my new roommate)..she’s been helping me moving in the new house and drove my parents to the airport..

hmm, lazy to put up pics of my new room. come to miri if you want to see it. hehh..




the pakcik who drives us everyday to and from the office gave us the tauhu sumbat. so baik la pakcik..
a one way taxi from the hotel to the office cost me rm25. luckily dpt claim later from the company..
almost done with my HR related stuff, and soon i’m going to get my email id, and start working..
told my ex-boss about the job offer, and this is his reply:


bintang probably the biggest shopping mall in miri.
siap ada toys ‘R us in bintang..
kak raihan is so nice to fetch me on Saturday and brought me to bintang.
didn’t buy a lot of things. saje jalan2..
my first weekend here wasn’t that bad. saturday evening, chotd called telling that she’s in imperial. she just returned from offshore for some reasons..heh.. so first day berbuka, adela orang teman..
spent the night at imperial, watching manU, but fell asleep before the 5 goals..
there’s a new girl coming to SKO. haven’t met her yet. she’s currently staying on the same floor with me..
all in all, it was a nice short weekend..
not bad la.. had chicken pie & mushroom for berbuka today from dave’s deli..dah lama tak makan dave’s deli..but i miss baking my own chicken pie too..haihh..

pennstaters, welcome back to school..heheh..
and i think it’s still not too late to wish everyone a blessed Ramadhan…


it’s my second day of working. joined a meeting in the evening and i hardly understand what were they saying. but will try my best to learn the jargon. anyways, probably going to MCOT tomorrow. go google what is it. haha..there are tons of those short forms that i need to be familiar with and almost everything starts with B! honestly, i’m still shock for being sent here. and even after i had been given 2 different job descriptions, i still can’t figure out what am i doing here. tp dah sampai kan nk buat mcm mane.. some of the people i met also wonder why i’m here and some never heard the name of my degree.

had dinner with two new employees. but they arrived here 2 weeks ago. they said there are other people who really want to be in my skill group – #16 go google.. (which is not business development & planning), who want the techy stuff and couldn’t get it. and i am fortunate to be the youngest staff in the building and start my career doing planning.

switched to different hotel today for some reasons. thanx to the helpful people in HR. =)
mesti sebab diorg kesian and probably my face dah nak nangis kot la..heh.. so this is my new view from the bedroom. and ada wifi in the room so okla.. i’m occupied..haha..



also the map, it’s already there at my workstation when i arrived. probably belongs to the person who used to sit there. almost all the workstations have the similar map depending on their task and area that they monitor. and can u imagine me working with those plants, lines, offshore (okla maybe sekali kot sepanjang in miri haha), etc. kalau Ron tau la..agak2 apala dia rasa..penat ajar INS411 and INS412..haha..

by the way, lelapan is one of the dishes here. sedap la jgak. i should have taken a pic la..next time ok.
but cost of living in miri is quite high actually. makan kedai biasa mcm mkn kat signature..heh..

..makan with nasi and sup..


Safely arrived in miri yesterday. This is the view from bedroom. But this morning baru realize the I can see the sea from my room. Had dinner with ena last night n met Ili this morning. I can only access the Internet from the lobby. So jgn expect a lot of updates First day kerja today. Pray for me. Missing the family already~

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