[moving foward]

just got back from Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Troy..
tired but couldn’t sleep..
fortunately my bus from Pitt to State College was the one yang direct bus..xde stop2..
so it took me about 3 hours instead of 5..
classes starts tomorrow..3 weeks more tp workloads sgtla banyak..
anyhow, here’s a video on our state of the art business building..hehh…
taken from smeal’s website : http://www.smeal.psu.edu/building/


[house meeting]


currently in Pitts and am so bored since my friend still hasn’t started her break. text’d my best friend bck home. for some reasons told her that takot to attend an event which i’m going tomorrow. hehh..bingung gak la..and i’m always like this fyi. and surprising for me her replied was

“..xde pape pn. xde mnde lg scary than hse mting time f1.hehe.”

takde pape pun.takde benda lagi scary than house meeting time form 1
haha..nice one busuk..and it’s true indeed..hehh..

[need a break]

just finished my INS410 exam..not bad actually. i think quite a number of ppl will get 100 on this mid term. nope. not me though. the solutions are up online. and i’ve checked my answers. thanxgiving break starts this weekend. and i still have one more midterm tomorrow and its stochastic modeling! other students are already enjoying themselves. not having enough sleep this couple of days..and currently staying up for laundry and exam.

leaving for Pittsburgh tomorrow evening and will be back to State College only on Sunday the 25th. i really need one day to be at home watching movies and sleeping on my cozy bed for the entire day. i feel like i dont spend much time at my apartment lately. then after thanxgiving the workload will start pilling up again. i wish i could be kids again..dont have to worry about stuff..and just watch cartoons..told my roommate about this..and she’s right. i am the one that plan and made decision as where am i going and what i’ve been up to. and i shouldn’t be complaining..

need a break….

-ouh andy will play federer tomorrow morning..if rajen and larat..i’ll watch it..please andy..beat roger….


my sister sent me a couple of videos from afiq’s first concert in Kelab Darul Ehsan. afiq is 4 and currently enrolled in Q-Dees kindergarten. check them out…

– been staying up all night for beberapa hari..grading pun xdpt siap..can’t handle it anymore..two papers to go…exhausted! 😦


of all the six teams competing in the Duel, Penn State is the only school that is considered as a public school. being the rookie in the competition as well as in sife itself, we did not put high hope in this competition.even if we lose, we still be able to bring back 500 bucks for our club. FYI, sife has always been their (the small schools) ‘game’. they know the rules and they know how to play. unlike us, we probably have just started to reorganize our team – i would say somewhere in Spring 2007. one of the reasons sife is less noticeable in Smeal is because, in Smeal itself, we have almost 100 others clubs and organizations. and sife is just being one of those small tiny portion of it. and to these small colleges, sife may be their ‘only thing’. meaning sife probably is the only club in their business school or perhaps in their college!

anyhow, we’re given our case after the dinner on Friday. during our way back to the hotel, we’re in the same shuttle with Shippensburg University, PA. and guess what, their team members were actually reading the case study in the dark using their cellphone lights! -hmm…pretty hard core team. from random chat with other students, we later found out that they really go all out in this competition. some even sleep for only 1-2 hours prior to the presentation and some even stayed up all night. but just being ourselves, sleep is our main priority..we even have some time to relax and watch Rocky and the Simpsons while working on the case.

being finance and actuarial science majors, we pretty much solve the case with analytic approach. we even help the person in the case study to be a millionaire at the end. since we’re the second team to present, we were given the opportunity to watch other team that presenting after us. unfortunately, since St Francis and our hotel is like 12 miles away, we just managed to see the last presentation from Philadelphia Biblical University. their presentation were totally difference from ours. for the handout to the judges, theirs was like a folder with colored pictures and ‘flowery’ details. ours were just 4 pages of spreadsheets full with figures representing millions of dollars. (Dan did almost all of the spreadsheets) and our slides were just simple Power Point presentation with zero animation. and theirs even have a theme background music, which is if i’m not mistaken taken from Titanic movie. and by looking at their presentation, we knew that the other teams probably would do the similar thing like what Philadelphia Biblical team did. and there goes our hope….

and the results….

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