[A night to remember]

our tag line for this year’s malaysian night is “a night to remember”..
and definitely the most successful malaysian night i ever had, and definitely the one night to remember…
congratulations my beloved penn staters..and special mention, congratz Ron & Nana..
the video was awesome..performances were nothing less than amazing. decoration team did a fantastic job decorating the hall, except for my part, sorry Bina.. =(
more than 300 guests came, and that # does not include malaysians..kudos to the promotion team..

my personal thank you to Nana, Ron, Zack, and Syahir for helping me to figure things out..
luqman, fiqah yg rajen, alot, and bina for getting stuff for my part..
zharif and yaya for making the prata bread..
to everyone who help serving, rabbit, mar, sakina, ming kwok, sapeq, budin, etc..
thank you thank you..it’ll be worse without you guys..

lastly, thanx everyone for making my another senior weekend a memorable one..

time to get back to work…one more hectic week to go…and i’m all done..



i’m so fortunate to be a mara sponsored student =)
a very hectic week this week. midterms, assignments, grading, and stuff…
IP dah macam rumah kedua..ahaks..
i’ve been going to IP everyday for the past couple of days…
mesti org tu dah boring dah tgk the same face…
and business 208 pun dah macam my second home..
can’t wait for this weekend…
i feel that i need to do some shopping..
jom shopping this weekend..downtown je pun jadila..
and ouh, lions beat the gators..
they’re going to the garden..
i wish i could see them playing at the garden..
but impossible la kann..

LinearProgramming midterm this evening. wish me luck.
and the second DD branch at east side is so convenient..


i feel that the blog needs an update..
feel free to hit the ‘x’ button because it’s just another my crappy update..
ok, so what i’ve been up to so far..let’s see..
497A midterm..was ok..
they’re almost done with the script for the regional,
so i’ll be busy preparing the ppt.
malaysian night is just around the corner…

although we didn’t get into the NCAA tourney..
i still believe we have a fairly good team..
haha..i do bleed blue and white ekk..
dulu men’s bb lagi teruk kot..and i never bother to follow any of their games..
one more game in NIT..with florida (if i’m not mistaken)
and if the lions win..they’re on their way to the garden..

andy beat defending champ, djokovic in the QF of indian wells masters..heh
so last time, djokovic retired from the game because of the heat..
but today, it’s clear to see that andy played much more better tennis =)
and hours after the winning, andy booked a spot in the doubles’ final
with partner, mardy fish..
so double celebration for him =)



baru balik jogging. omg teruk betul. selama nih pun mmg terok jgak. haha. dahla memang a non-sporty person. sekejap je penat. i feel that i jogged better with bina 2 weeks ago in recHall. i jogged around the frat houses up to ups store at hamilton ave. of course la ade stop2. thought nk grab a cup of coffee at panera, but i missed allen st. on my way back. btw, bina, thank you for the card holder, sgt useful, sebab boleh simply letak dlm pocket. =)


i’ve just finished reading coelho’s theAlchemist. quite a productive spring break for me i would say, since i’m not an avid reader. i’m not a book reviewer too. all i can say, the book is about a journey of a young boy to pursue his Personal Legend. there are a lot of good things and lessons that we can get from the book. although there are some parts of the book that confuse me sometimes or tak make sense to me. but another great piece indeed.

and another great book that would be turned into a movie…

it’s 1am sunday. school starts tomorrow i guess. am i ready for it..hmm…
more studying, assignments, and exams..and job hunting?? hmm…

am craving for chocolate cake from chocolatWorld

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