i feel that the blog needs an update..
feel free to hit the ‘x’ button because it’s just another my crappy update..
ok, so what i’ve been up to so far..let’s see..
497A midterm..was ok..
they’re almost done with the script for the regional,
so i’ll be busy preparing the ppt.
malaysian night is just around the corner…

although we didn’t get into the NCAA tourney..
i still believe we have a fairly good team..
haha..i do bleed blue and white ekk..
dulu men’s bb lagi teruk kot..and i never bother to follow any of their games..
one more game in NIT..with florida (if i’m not mistaken)
and if the lions win..they’re on their way to the garden..

andy beat defending champ, djokovic in the QF of indian wells masters..heh
so last time, djokovic retired from the game because of the heat..
but today, it’s clear to see that andy played much more better tennis =)
and hours after the winning, andy booked a spot in the doubles’ final
with partner, mardy fish..
so double celebration for him =)


am invited to join bgs again =)
i never accepted the invitation before..
one of the reasons was, i didn’t think i want to get involve with the society..
i don’t want to treat it like my nscs..
i’m the member who never attended meetings..haha..
i went once during my sophomore year..tak best..haha..
and chelsea made a point last time saying that if the membership of a club/society or whatever is just based on your academic performance, why bother to pay the lifetime fee, because definitely you’d already have stated your gpa stated in your resume..
but, perhaps you’d join for the networking, and also for other benefits like discounts etc…
so faiez, point taken..
ron sent out an email to the 8 of us, to congratulate us and mentioned if we could get someone or our parents to pay for the 90 bucks..and wanted us to let him know what we decide to do..
mungkin dia nk bayarkan..haha..

it’s 3am..need to get some sleep..
have a great weekend~

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. faiez
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 11:40:49

    that is the spirit
    nanti ko hire la aku kerja dgn ko k

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