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i received this package few days ago. it’s not mine it’s my mom’s. but anyways, notice all the stamps the sender put on the box. usually, when sending a package, one may just simply pay for the postal charges at the counter instead of using a LOT of stamps to make up for the charges. interestingly, most of the stamps are comic characters.

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well, i’m sure most of us at some point in our life used to collect stamps as a hobby. same goes to me. i remember my mom used to bring back stamps for me and my sis from all over the country since she’s working in a multinational company and get a lot of international letters. but that one hobby of mine stopped when i went to high school. perhaps i should start continue that hobby back. ouh wait, i have a new ‘hobby’ that i shall share with you ppl…

it’s international tai chi day today.

spring BBQ was awesome despite the thunderstorm. but indeed a memorable one…..thanx my dear pennstaters~


[medlarField @ lubranoPark]

watched my first ever baseball game last week at medlar field. it was nittany lions vs. indiana hoosiers. i knew nothing about baseball except that they use bats and gloves to play. the hoosiers lead 1-0 during the first couple of rounds (i’m not sure the correct term to use) but then it became more exciting as the lions stole the lead and finally won 7-3. a friend told me that tennis is a boring sport to watch, but i think baseball is more boring. or maybe it’s because the lions is just an average team and not worth watching. oopps. overall, it was quite a great night. at least i had a chance to be in the medlar field before i graduate. ouh by the way, the mvp should go to #25..hee..

p/s: i’ve added a couple of new links (blogs too). do check them out =)

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..#25 running to the base..

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..we had great view from our seats actually..


sometimes i think i should just be staying here for the summer instead of going back home…
reasons: midwest games, restructuring sife, stc, my LAST SUMMER..

but i miss home, my family, the kids, and the food..


one of my favorite songs by i’m from barcelona.
speaking bout glasses, i’m in need of a new pair so badly. i accidentally stepped on it few days ago and the frame has become a little bit uneven. can’t wait to go back home and get a new one. since i’ll be getting extra allowances..heh. =) i think i’ll buy a nice branded frame (kt malaysia pasti lebih mahal kan) and a new watch. it’s been a while since i do shopping besides shopping for groceries obviously. called home few days ago, my mom siap ckp D&G’s frame lawa but expensive and ask me to survey the price down here. isk..xmungkin la..beli biase2 je la..

went to Allah Made Me Funny comedy show yesterday. this is one of my ‘must go’ events in PSU. every year the MSA will organize for them to come here as part of our Islamic Awareness Week/ Discover Islam Week activities.

the idea of the Allah Made Me Funny project is to “provide a venue whereby Muslims and non-Muslims Allah Made Me Funny: The Official Muslim Comedy Tourcan feel safe, relevant, and inclusive of an experience where humor is used to bridge gaps of bias, intolerance, and other social ills that are pre and post 9/11 relevant”..

the college of engineering organized an info session for Masters in Manufacturing Management program last night. just thought of check things out. saje2. there’re not many ppl came. less than 10 i would say. quite an interesting program – combining engineering and business. but don’t think it’s suitable for an actuary student like me. so as usual, there’s a draw to win an iPod shuffle. and i won it! heh 😀
i don’t usually win stuff in a lucky draw. but yesterday i am lucky.

still familiarizing myself with wordpress’ new dashboard design. enjoy the sun~


for the sake of updating..

i leave you with the wayang kulit performance during our malaysian night..
kudos to Ron – the coordinator! ramai org ckp this is their favorite performance..

p/s: the image may be a little blurry. but listen carefully to the audio..really funny 😀

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