[Augustus 2010]

Augustus is August in Latin. i used to want to learn latin when i was a sophomore. when we studied business law, there are some terms in latin that we have to get used to such as res ipsa luquitor (the thing speaks for itself). i can’t remember the others but that time i feel like latin language is cool. ahahah..

Alhamdulillah Ramadhan this year falls in August and so far it has been a month full of blessings, joy, and happiness and rezeki yang murah. out of 18 iftars, probably 5 or so i had them at home. the others are all invitations from various parties including iftar at offshore..eheh..
and this month marks my 1st anniversary working in SKO..Alhamdulillah…

Some of the photos during potluck iftar in SKO…

[all photos credits to Arie’s camera…thank you arie…
for other iftar photos i think you may visit Hasfa’s blog.. eheh..]

on Saturday we had program sentuhan kasih 2010 with rumah anak anak kesayangan kami. basically SKO staffs volunteered to adopt these kids and bring them to shop for Hari Raya. this is my first time joining the program. it was tiring but it was so much fun shopping for the kids. i followed Elea to bring Atuff & Najibah to shop for their baju raya. it feels so great when you manage to put smiles on their faces =))

anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all Augustus babies… too many names to put up here =)

i’ve also added some new links to my blogroll.. saleha, alya, hasfa, and jazlin’s shawl blog.. do check them out..
ok time to get back to work…



another plain personal note…
it’s quite long..if you think you get bored easily..don’t click ‘more”..



i haven’t post anything on baking/cooking for quite some time…eheh..
so here goes one recipe..i guess it’s called batikCheese cake..
thanks to Aishah for the recipe…

i made one yesterday for SKO potluck iftar. (i’ll update more on my iftar invitations in another post..if rajen la..)
it was my 3rd attempt making it. the first one was for the colleagues, and second time was during potluck at Jiro’s..

things you need:
– 1 block of kraft philadelphia cream cheese (250g)
– 1/2 block of unsalted butter (125g)
– 1 cup of sugar
– 1 tin of nestle Cream

– 1 packet of marie biscuits.
(however i usually use only half of it…)

the “How” part:

1. mix together cream cheese, butter, sugar and nestle Cream in a big bowl
i’d suggest it is better to use electric mixer rather than the egg beater eheh…

2. layered the biscuits with the cream cheese mix

3. refrigerate the cake for few hours
4. and this is how it looks like when you cut it in pieces

it’s simple, fast & delicious.. =)


i think it’s not too late to wish a blessed Ramadhan everyone..
a better Ramadhan this year insyaAllah..

i can’t think of any good title post…
and for the sake of updating..here goes another entry…

i think one of the main reasons for me not updating the blog is that most of the time i just tweet whatever happens in my life..isn’t tweeting consider as blogging as well? microblogging right? ahaha..

anyways, 17 is the number of days i was out of office last month.. (maarof maaruf, if u read this take note..ahaha)

7 days – annual leave
10 days – medical leave

i guess by now most of you have known the reason behind the long medical leave.. (thanx people for all the “get well soon” wishes and the caring part..hehh)

had some minor surgery on my left foot.. but i’m all well and fit (ok this is so not true) now..no worries
i want to start go to bulatan or beach again..but need to get a new pair of shoes. someone stole all our shoes last week. but it was our mistake for not locking the gate and left all the shoes and heels outside the house.. (kak inn, if you read this don’t tell mama yet..)

june was probably the busiest month yet and 1 week prior to my annual leave usually a disaster one..
so took 7 days off to join the family to go to melbourne visiting the 2 cousins..
thanx em & adik for your hospitality… =)

the shopping part may not be compared to shopping in the States, but melbourne was a nice, relaxing city i guess…
we also went up to lake mountain to see the snow and the kids really had fun…
next visit, phillip island for the penguin..ehehh…

hmm..am not good in detailed descriptions, and my writing sucks and deteriorating.. so let the photos do the talking..