i am finally happy with my current schedule. (although not 100% satisfied).

What do you want to be or do “when you grow up?”


everything happens for a reason
i hope that i’ve made the right decision.

[new year 2008/1429H]

new year. new semester. new resolutions? hmm..
school starts this monday. as usual, i still haven’t finalize my schedule. nk drop/add itu ini. just wanna go with the flow this time. no more regrets taking or not taking some courses. and i don’t want to feel intimidated by certain people easily. once i’m in that class, just want to go for it. mcm yaya ckp, once dh sit on the rollercoaster tu, surrender je. haha..

florida was great. great vacation with great company. although orlando sejuk during our first few days, but we still had a great time. the best part dpt tgk the beach for the first time in US kot.heh.. drove from ft. lauderdale to key west. cantik sgt!! i like miami too. slalu tgk in csi je, this time tgk live. but scary nk drive in miami. traffic byk, dgn fast cars here and there, traffic lights yg confusing. i would love to go back to visit miami. but to drive in miami..no..no..

i didn’t go to all four parks in Disneyworld. only to Disney-MGM studio (now Disney Hollywood studio) and magic kingdom. then, we went to both universal studios and islands of adventure, seaworld to see the shamu, and busch garden. my preference would be islands of adventure. rides in busch garden sgt scary. but at last naek juga sheikra tu. but only after dgr experience org yg dh naek.

a long list of things to do menanti. xnak futur2 lg. coz futur leads to loosing hope & interest. and last semester slalu sgt rasa down, and loosing hope. then those things add more stress and tend to make me angry. so i guess, among my new resolutions would be to overcome those negative attitudes.

welcome back to school and have a great year everyone 😀