ok people..i’m leaving for europe til 7th..
have a great holiday and take good care ok 😉




results are out. piano’s grade – disappointing. but am still gonna go for intermediate class next semester.
this would be my last winter break. have becoming a couch potato for the past few days. haha.. but at least i finally managed to do some of the stuff on my ‘list’..

was out all day today..and currently not feeling well. but nothing serious. i just need some oranges and enough good sleep. can’t wait for our trip or should i say ‘mission’ next week. still need to finalize some stuff before we leave.

okay this post are getting boring..

so people, where ever you’ll be going have a safe and wonderful journey ok..

suggest me some good movies to watch….anyone..

tetibe rase nk cheeseCake lagi..ahaha..


i have 2 finals next week. kinda lazy to start studying although i have a lot to cover with my VB class akibat constantly missing classes..huhu.. anyhow, tiba-tiba craving for cheesecake although we just had one during last week’s midwest dinner. so, decided to bake one like nysa, peyya, and biena did. i’ve tasted their cheesecake before. sedap sgttt…

so, ‘googled’ the recipe and found this

as usual, i didn’t follow the exact recipe. i use the ready-made crust instead of making my own. and i only use 2 packs of cream-cheese. here are some of the pics:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
..the ingredients + eggs&vanilla essence..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
..the mixture: cheese, sourCream, eggs, sugar, vanilla essence..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

went to mcLanahans to get the ingredients. couldn’t find fresh blueberries or even blueberries in a can. so, i decided to make an oreo cheesecake instead. simply crunch the oreo and mix it with the mixture above.  the blueberry syrup tu kira decoration je..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting..it’s a little brown. i purposely left it in the oven longer..

it may not taste as good as the cheesecake at Denny’s or the one in NittanyLion Inn or even like the girls’..
hey it’s my first attempt. want some? jemput dtg ParkHill 201.hahaha..

ALL THE BEST for finals for those who’re having finals next week… Have faith people… 😀

[This post was actually written when the first cake was still in the oven. However, when I tried to remove the cake from the oven, I accidentally dropped it. you never want to see the pic of that crushed cake. sedihh sangtt. =(
The first 3 pictures are from my first attempt and the last one is from my 2nd attempt of baking the same cake. and for all we know it may not be as good as the first. *sigh*]

to kakak: nnti teach me how to make tiramisu ok..hehh…


this will be a quick one..
i’m posting using wp new QuickPress option on my dashboard =)

i’m done with my final assignment for the semester. yeayy!!
and now moving on to work for my stat lab deliverable…
tomorrow’s last day of school, and yet one of the busiest day for me..haishh..

been sleeping with my laptop on my lap for the past few days..but i can stay up late tonite coz dah dpt my current addiction – espressoTruffle..

p/s: hey..thanx belanja..next time boleh blanje lg ekk..haha..


i messed up my piano exam this morning. i couldn’t recall the rhythm and the tune of the last piece..haishh..
and it kinda ruined my mood the whole day. i barely smile and ada je bnda yg tak kena.

and around 7.45pm, i made my laundry at fourth floor. washed my hand at the sink and failed to stop the hot water from keep running. something wrong with the tap i guess. called the maintenance people twice. they said they have sent someone in..hampeh..now it’s 9.45pm and nobody shows up. grrr…biarla afterall apartmentStore yg byr bill air…

the same thing happened yesterday. called them to report about our heater and it took them 2 hours or so for them to send someone in. and they just gave us a temporary small heater and promise to come back today to fix the problem. again..hampehh..no one shows up today…

INS 412 is officially over. no more actuarial classes in pennState for me. gonna miss those late nights studying in reserves reading, trying to absorb those formulas, and trying to spot what’s going to be on the exam.

all i wanted now is to sleep and wake up fresh tomorrow morning and start a brand new day. but, stat assignment #5 waiting…haishh…

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