[spring2007 WrapUp]

  • There’s not a lot going on in January. Got back from my 19 days winter trip. Classes were just started. And it’s still not snowing.

    1. Decided to have my own blog. I’ve been thought about it since last Summer. Tp biaselah procrastinate. Not sure how long this blog going to be ‘alive’. Mcm xlame je.
    2. It’s started to snow. And for the first time the classes were canceled, and I was having my first snow fight and a snowman!! It was really fun..

    3. 2/18 – one of my best days of my life 😛 Sgt gembire..

    1. My first Malaysian Night in PennState..fun..fun..fun..
    2. we were given the opportunity to host the Islamic Spring Retreat.i’ve learned a lot from this whole experience of being the host for ISR..
    3. went to DC and Alexandria during Spring Break..one of the best trips so far.. and philly was kind of nice too..i wish i could get driving license asap..nk road trip lg..
    i love april. the sun came out and flowers started blooming. ouh i love those tulips around the campus. the only month that i’m pretty much free. ISC Spring Festival was nice. our booth got quite a lot of attention..maybe sbb ade byk food kot..hehh..Then annual MASA spring BBQ was awesome. fireworks and carnival in Beaver Stadium, that night were really great. And recently, the malaysian soccer team won third place in ISC soccer tournament. Congratz guys..(hhehh..i didn’t go to watch pn actually..)

  • MAY
    so, here it is..time flies so fast ekk..finals have just ended. sedih la this month. i’m moving out from campus. gonna miss the life i had living on campus. but i think, it’s good jgak living off campus as I don’t need to move out everytime cuti and worry about packing my stuff. the seniors are graduating..ouhh..nih lg sedih..we had halaqah on tuesday, then one of our friend is graduating, and i wont be seeing her again cz dia dh balek dubai. although xrapat sgt, but my tears were falling down la jgak that time. and i can imagine me crying when i send my seniors at the airport nanti..huhu..rinduu..if Graham in theHoliday said he’s a major weeper, i think i am too…

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. noBiggie
    May 12, 2007 @ 21:28:33

    sape lah punya baju jadi mangsa kat gerai tuh eyh

  2. noBiggie
    May 14, 2007 @ 09:01:33

    adeh. penatnya keje. ni pun cabut lari at 730 pm. if not 9.30 pm. 14 hours work tiap ari.
    rasa cam keje kilang plak. tak macam keje executive.
    mungkin mcm keje construction pun ada gaks

  3. daju
    May 14, 2007 @ 18:02:31

    hehheh..boss carik nnti..
    apsal lame sgt keje..bwt ape…
    ala..awal2 je kot..

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