Cream puffs for Teeny’s Hi Tea potluck
Bread pudding for my Bulatan Gembira (BG) 🙂

There goes my weekend… Another baking weekend. And I’m loving it!

Have a great week ahead everyone 🙂


[potluck @graduate]

my dear pennstaters love to cook sebenarnye. including the guys. we had a potluck last night. just for fun. my second last weekend before leaving SC for good. browse the pictures here.
i made pumpkin bread and popia yang dah terpedas..hehh..

the menu:
nasi ayam – fashli & the graduate guys
nasi goreng – freshmen @ CP
roti jala & kari ayam – tini & the girls at 107 CP
cheesecakes – peyya
bihun goreng – egy
nasi impit & rendang – biena
laksa johor – zack & zawa
kek batik – iylia
apam balik – bai, shamila, iylia
pau ayam & nasi tomato – far & the guys at 2nd floor CP

that’s all that i can remember. sorry if ter left out any other dishes..
unwell..cough & flu..need to eat a lot of fruits…
ouh and andy in 4th round Roland Garros for the first time..
and nadal lose his first match in his Roland Garros history…
i think murray la champ..we’ll see…