Cream puffs for Teeny’s Hi Tea potluck
Bread pudding for my Bulatan Gembira (BG) 🙂

There goes my weekend… Another baking weekend. And I’m loving it!

Have a great week ahead everyone 🙂


i haven’t post anything on baking/cooking for quite some time…eheh..
so here goes one recipe..i guess it’s called batikCheese cake..
thanks to Aishah for the recipe…

i made one yesterday for SKO potluck iftar. (i’ll update more on my iftar invitations in another post..if rajen la..)
it was my 3rd attempt making it. the first one was for the colleagues, and second time was during potluck at Jiro’s..

things you need:
– 1 block of kraft philadelphia cream cheese (250g)
– 1/2 block of unsalted butter (125g)
– 1 cup of sugar
– 1 tin of nestle Cream

– 1 packet of marie biscuits.
(however i usually use only half of it…)

the “How” part:

1. mix together cream cheese, butter, sugar and nestle Cream in a big bowl
i’d suggest it is better to use electric mixer rather than the egg beater eheh…

2. layered the biscuits with the cream cheese mix

3. refrigerate the cake for few hours
4. and this is how it looks like when you cut it in pieces

it’s simple, fast & delicious.. =)


bought the vanilla wafers for snacks while i’m at 3rd floor paterno. but Ada requested for banana pudding since she didn’t get a chance to eat it during the bbq. so I made one on monday. you can get the recipe at the back of the box. and i think next time i want to use nilla wafers instead of keebler’s..
here are some pictures…


..cook the pudding with milk..

..refrigerate the pudding for few hours..



..layered the wafers and banana with pudding and whipped cream..


..refrigerate the pudding and serve chilled..

and today i decided to bake chicken pie. not one but 2 pies =)
thanx to masz for sharing the recipe.
this is actually my 3rd attempt baking chicken pie. although mine didn’t look similar in the picture on the website, but i’m totally satisfied with its taste =)



both captains of yellow and purple house are in the men’s double badminton competition tomorrow..
all the best yer..jom la pg tgk & support =P

and cornley playing football? erkk…tak sesuai la….
have a great weekend people…


i have 2 finals next week. kinda lazy to start studying although i have a lot to cover with my VB class akibat constantly missing classes..huhu.. anyhow, tiba-tiba craving for cheesecake although we just had one during last week’s midwest dinner. so, decided to bake one like nysa, peyya, and biena did. i’ve tasted their cheesecake before. sedap sgttt…

so, ‘googled’ the recipe and found this

as usual, i didn’t follow the exact recipe. i use the ready-made crust instead of making my own. and i only use 2 packs of cream-cheese. here are some of the pics:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
..the ingredients + eggs&vanilla essence..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
..the mixture: cheese, sourCream, eggs, sugar, vanilla essence..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

went to mcLanahans to get the ingredients. couldn’t find fresh blueberries or even blueberries in a can. so, i decided to make an oreo cheesecake instead. simply crunch the oreo and mix it with the mixture above.  the blueberry syrup tu kira decoration je..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting..it’s a little brown. i purposely left it in the oven longer..

it may not taste as good as the cheesecake at Denny’s or the one in NittanyLion Inn or even like the girls’..
hey it’s my first attempt. want some? jemput dtg ParkHill 201.hahaha..

ALL THE BEST for finals for those who’re having finals next week… Have faith people… 😀

[This post was actually written when the first cake was still in the oven. However, when I tried to remove the cake from the oven, I accidentally dropped it. you never want to see the pic of that crushed cake. sedihh sangtt. =(
The first 3 pictures are from my first attempt and the last one is from my 2nd attempt of baking the same cake. and for all we know it may not be as good as the first. *sigh*]

to kakak: nnti teach me how to make tiramisu ok..hehh…


this is my second attempt baking pumpkin bread. although it is called bread it tastes like a cake instead. the first attempt was during one of those practice nights for malaysian night earlier this year. it never crosses my mind to ever bake or buy pumpkin bread until i know how good it is at Chelsea’s. she used to bake it whenever we had get together at her place to watch movies.

i use this recipe and simply double it.

next attempt is trying to make more moist bread and less ‘cakey’.
had fun last night. another memorable one..yeayy.. thank you girls.
tons of work waiting..perhaps, i should stay at the library this weekend..
thank goodness it’s lions’ bye week. that gives me extra 3 hours to do some work..(konon je…)

have a great weekend… 😀

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