had such an awesome day yesterday during our YPC’s TreasureHunt and teambuilding event. alhamdulillah, it wasn’t raining like previous 4 days. basically we were split into 10 teams of 4 and at the same time 5 teams were put into 1 clan. the clans were Kanowit & Rumaila. not only we need to compete against 9 other teams, we were also have to work together as a clan to win extra points – and the task was PAINTBALL!! ouh this time around i didn’t get shot a lot. thanks to the leader at that time instructing me where to go ahahah. we played 8 rounds of paintball, and each person can only play 2 rounds. and the score: Kanowit – 5 and Rumaila -3. despite the captain arriving late at the paintball field, i think he’s done a good job to come up with a game plan with other team members.

..canadaHill checkpoint: to have a picture taken with the riggers..

luckily the game was constructed such that the winning team is the team with most points. and our strategy was to get as much points as possible at a particular checkpoint and not really focusing much on completing all 8 checkpoints (we managed to go to 7 hehh..) when we first decided to enter the event as participants we didn’t put much hope to win. we just wanted to have fun and enjoy the hunt itself. in fact looking at the list of other participants, i think we’re the only team that all 4 members are working less than a year in sko and competing against more experienced teams. but as the hunting goes on, i could see that my teammates (including myself la kott) had become more and more competitive ahhaha..and when they announced Kanowit 9 was the champion of the treasure hunting, it was quite surprising to most of us. but i mcm dh ade hunch we’re gonna get top 3 la at least..hehh..

..handicraftCenter checkpoint: 2 of us have to make this bracelet and i did this my self..

to the organizing committee, congratulations! you have done such a good job organizing it. to the teammates – Huda, Ayen, n Joyce, thanks a bunch for an amazing experience hunting and solving clues around miri together and congratzz people we manage to be the champ!! to masz & izza thank you for being our googlers…ehehh.. and lastly to all other participants, thank you for such an enjoyable hunt and memories..

ouh i think i was quite bising throughout the event that some of my colleagues notice that I am not actually a quiet person as they thought before…hehh…
and it was wiwi’s 25th, deelyn’s 24th, and ajwad’s 21st birthday yesterday..so people happy birthdayyy!!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Izza
    Jan 18, 2010 @ 20:23:32

    yaaay ade nama akuhh~ XP

  2. cik mira
    Jan 20, 2010 @ 01:16:58

    wah.. sonoknye 😀

    nway, got my PM on FB kan?

  3. daju
    Jan 20, 2010 @ 06:25:51

    izza…sgt googler berjaya..good2..

    mira..yup got it..will def check them out.. =)

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