this is sangat crap…but i still want to blog..don’t bother to click more…

i used to hate the word ‘down’ and i don’t really like when people say they’re down. But that’s what I feel at work today..although I don’t really have a lot of work and no scheduled long meetings..

it started when I feel like just because I’m new people will..well not saying take advantage but maybe not taking matters seriously..if only everyone works on time..and reply to everyone promptly..there will be no situation of kejar-mengejar for updates happen..but life’s not like that and everyone has different behaviors, capability, and different pace of doing work..and just have to live with that..

plus I think to some extent others would see me as sgt lembab utk find the updates or sgt lembab to work..I admit I hate to kejar2 other people to provide me with updates..but I guess I have to be more firm next time..
nevertheless, I’m actually starting to love my current job..in fact if someone else offers me to go for an assignment or perhaps go to a different dept..i might want to think twice..

it’s just that today i feel that I rather studying for my 411 or 412 than doing what I’m doing now..
and at one point I feel like crying and think that am really not up for the job..
ok, perhaps I’m a bit too emotional today..perhaps hormone changes..

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. coOkie-mOnsta
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 21:00:29

    sounds boring.. haha

    *kena blajar tackle the bosses dulu*

  2. ada
    Dec 15, 2009 @ 11:17:30

    daju.. xnk grad.. xnak keje 😦

  3. daju
    Dec 15, 2009 @ 22:21:56

    boring? fun gak la..drpd org tu kna stuck 11hours in meeting..
    mcm xde keje lain je..ahahah..

    pg smbung blaja lg best..trust me…hehh

  4. ena
    Dec 16, 2009 @ 19:30:46

    daju dear, paham2 😐 tp takper kite kuatkan semangat okie? rabbi yassir wa la tuassir 🙂 chaiyyok2!!

  5. theQueen
    Dec 20, 2009 @ 01:35:22

    abeda. lepas ni kegarangan daju tak dapat dihalang lagi 😛 *lari*

  6. daju
    Dec 20, 2009 @ 07:59:01

    thanx ena!!

    haha..aku mane garang weih..

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