[theCase of theMissingBox]

i was on my way back from ING interview when my mom called and told me that she couldn’t find my graduation dress. well my mom unpacked the boxes first sebab correlle dia yg byk kan..hehh.. i know, manja sikit je..
and she said that one of the boxes is missing. honestly, i couldn’t recall the total number of boxes that i shipped via the container. so, trusting her, i didn’t double check my stuff, and thought that missing box might also have my handbag, vs stuff, and some of my clothes. to cut a long story short, we’ve been frantically (ok exaggerate sket) made some calls, text’d some of my friends if any of them have been mistakenly taken a wrong box, siap assume the box might have been left in the US!! poor gazali, cause my mom have been talking to him about insurance, fowarding agent, etc.

then today, i feel like organizing the rest of my stuff from the boxes, and one by one i found the missing stuff from the supposed missing box. and guess what, i found them all, and that means, there is no missing box actually. kesian gazali and ajmal kna interrogate. sorry guys, thanx a bunch for your help…hehh…

lesson learned:
– don’t simply make a conclusion, double check everything first…
– unpack your stuff yourselves, don’t let other people do it..hehh..
– ade hikmah that the stuff went missing temporarily. it made me muhasabah that sometimes i delay my prayers, and when i make doa it may not be so sincere.. bila in trouble baru nk turn to Allah kan..teruk betul..
– insure your shipments, just in case..because we didn’t insure our stuff, so my mom told me, what if the ship sink or something happen to it…hmm…

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hani
    Jul 22, 2009 @ 18:21:25

    thank God…rugila kalau hilang kan…

  2. thing-3
    Jul 24, 2009 @ 22:15:25

    mengada btul..lenkali tulis la bape kotak..if there’s next time.haha..

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