woke up this morning without to think of anything important..
no classes, meetings, hws..etc..
shower, went to the bank, and strolled down college avenue and did some shopping =)
leaving for Great Smoky Mountains this evening and will be back on Monday…
there are 35 of us..pray that everything goes well and we’d have an enjoyable and safe trip..
the stuff have been shipped. my family is on their way back home..doakan selamat yer..
the house is now empty and quiet…
have a great memorial day weekend…
and happy 22nd mr.johnny quid..hehh..


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  1. yin
    May 22, 2009 @ 22:01:31

    sukati yer monster dedua dah balik..
    haha. sunyi dah umah tuh..
    KL hot la..
    kuar je plane..mmg rasa bahang.
    lain sgt..

    kena get used to it again..weather change.

    monster kecik..dlm kete sibuk ‘nak makan nasikkk’. mengadaaaaaaaa..
    dah salin shorts n t-shirt buruk dah dedua tuh..takde tanda nak tdo langsung..membebel je niii..

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