[life, every minute is borrowed time…]

i gave up or maybe sacrificed a few things for the regional. if only i spent few more minutes checking my math midterm rather than thinking that i’m late for meeting. i could possibly nailed it. if only i took stat midterm this morning, my final won’t be count for 45% of my grade. if only the regional isn’t on apr 3rd. i might consider going to the Garden or DC. everything happens for a reason.

anyhow, we managed to get first-runner up in our league. for a first time presenters and a small team, i would say it was quite an achievement. liz’s fiancé who is the program director for the event said we did actually come pretty close to the two champions in our league and totally blew the 10yr old team (the 2nd runner up) off. me and breanna kinda knew that we’re going to get second place. just like our personal finance case study comp. before..haha..

the career fair wasn’t that great. but the overall trip was indeed a great one. and i’m sure everyone had a great time. need to get pictures from ellen’s camera. our team going to do great next year. am i going to miss sife after graduation? sure. i’m going to miss everything about psu. hardcore ehh..haha..

now that competition is over can’t wait to start back my old daily routine. i feel that i haven’t gone to 3rd floor paterno for so long and definitely start going there tomorrow.

ouh we’re NIT champ. so is that mean we’re 65th best team in the country?..haha..
it’s good for the program that we won. and they probably will be in the ncaa tourney next yr.
watched cornley’s interview on espn..4 years ago, they can’t even get 3 buses of supporters to BJC, and yesterday, from SC alone there are like 33 buses full of students. it’s like a football weekend, but on a smaller scale.
after he fell, i think i’m in love with danny morrissey..haha..j/k
have a great weekend ppl 😀

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mektoq
    Apr 06, 2009 @ 09:12:20

    salam daju’
    akhirnya jumpa gak dgn blog2 munchers
    i link u eh?

  2. daju
    Apr 07, 2009 @ 17:13:29

    heh..hi fairdye~

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