i’m done for the week. yeayy.i have only one class tomorrow, hence, i consider that my weekend starts tonight..hehh..

have been drinking to much coffee for the past couple of days, and i’m switching to milo to get some sleep. have you ever tried ironing the milo packets and then eat the contents? haha..i used to do it back in tkc..it’s not healthy but it’s kinda nice..mcm cookies..

guess next week is the busiest week of the semester. a little bit excited about the 3 sife events coming up, but kinda nervous as well. one shareholders report and a presentation due. and one stat assignment due. i thought i’m having 2 midterms next week, and thank goodness, both of them are postponed to the following week..

and we’re one chapter away from finishing our actuarial courses in college..can’t wait for thanxgiving.. 😀


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