[what’sHappeningOnWall St.]

my analyzing business industry teacher sends a video an interview on what’s happening on wall street for the past 5 month or so that lead to the current financial turmoil. it’s not a current video but a least could give us basic and clear understanding on what’s going on..

went to actuarial career fair last wednesday. although the probability of me getting call for interview is 0. but hey..they have a lot of free stuff. i guess if pegi supply chain and marketing career fair sure lg best. hehehhh..the mother doesnt encourage me work here. konon2 bg reason because of the current crisis. although i know of course she wants me to be back..hahha..

had a quick chat with her on AIG. being an ex-AIG employee she still have a couple of share here, and of course she’s a little bit worried. at the same time, mama kinda defending AIG telling me that the insurance part of AIG is not really going to hurt much. well of course, they have their reserves,etc. but perhaps that soon people may loose their trust in AIG and switch to other insurers when buying policies. that’s one of the effects. i guess. well, my current understanding on the issue sgt2 cetek…

the whole purpose of this post is to share the video. it’s said to be the “one of the clearest analysis of derivative markets..”

click here for the interview…


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