A mood swing is an extreme or rapid change in mood

the rest is just another merepek post…

i think i experienced mood swing yesterday..tetibe i feel sad + a little angry (nasib baik xde yg kna marah) + disappointed at myself ..

pelik..nothing extraordinary happen pn..but i guess sebab hormone changes or stress or fatigue or….

had a great time playing soccer at rec hall last night..although xpandai main..

mcD’s sweet tea + fries, definitely a perfect combination for supper at 0200hrs…

read first 10 pages of nineteen minutes..not bad..

mid-term starts next week..

and need to practice my piano lesson…i wish i bought the keyboard earlier…haishh..

the lions play their last non-conference game against temple before the real test begin…

quoting one of the reviewer in daily collegian:

what to look for: illinois’ plane landing at the airport

have a great weekend….


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  1. masz
    Sep 20, 2008 @ 11:07:54

    hee.. saya pun feel =( yesterday.. but i have a reason la.. but oh well..

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