it feels like the clock is ticking very slowly. planned to go back at 3pm on my last day. but the HR madam still hasn’t give me my check. takpe sat lg pg ask. the day that i’ve been waiting for…my last day at m**cer. let see what i’ve learnt for the past two months:

  • wearing heels force me to walk with the right posture. which is great
  • bring sandals/flip flop to office because walking to lrt station with heels is painful
  • try to get to know and memorize colleague names in the first week
  • bring story books or make sure you have internet connection as you’d get bored when no one is giving you work to do
  • make sure you and your friends have a gmail account just in case they block other IM sites. you still can chat with gchat..yeahh..google is great
  • when they give you work, ask for dateline. sometimes it is not urgent. so take your time
  • and this
  • and malas..nk fikir..etc…

and things that i’m gonna miss:

  • the people: the usual lunch gang, the team
  • lorong tengah on friday: keropok lekor, kuih bakar, air kelapa, etc.
  • uoa, Nz, MAS, KFC..for lunches
  • morning breakfast
  • milo from the vending
  • the team’s snacks box
  • 37th floor..and those hectic days when helping to do pet****s work
  • and so on..so on…so on..

looking forward to be back at SC. but sure gonna miss the family badly and sangat malas to start packing. huhh~


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  1. masz
    Aug 16, 2008 @ 04:26:31

    bes nye dh abis kerja.. eheh… x pe 1 more week for me.. i wear sandals je to work.. the last time i wore high heels was when i went for interview in shanghai, and i kept complaining to my fren bout how i hav 10 blisters in 1 day, n he was like, why did you buy this kind of shoes anyway, bear with it la.. that’s what girls do right, wear mini skirts during cold freezing winter, same concept… ahah .. and NO, it’s NOT worth looking tall.. eheh

    oh btw, mas x leh aa gi embassy on monday, can go on wed x ? huhu, tp daju dh nk balek pennState on thurs..

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