[i wish it’s 5]

woke up this morning wishing that it’s sunday. i think among my friends who decided to pursue internship, i’m the only one who still need to come to work. ouh wait, kakak is still with p&g. the two people who’re used and supposed to give me work still haven’t arrived yet. and i’m all left with boredom.

have just received the news that all 64 freshmen have safely arrived in UP. and that’s more students than all the other 3 batches combined. and accourding to my roommate, ISS told that among all international students, Malaysia is now the 5th country that has the highest number of students studying in PSU. i’m all indifferent about the news. currently, all that i can think of is how am i going to go through my senior year and of course how to cherish every single moment in UP.

bloghopping to few of my friends’ blogs. and somehow arrive at this one person blog. i never knew that person personally. but from the stories that i’ve heard from my friends, he is a ‘crazy’ and happy go lucky type of guy. but through his writing in that blog, i can sense that he’s now all grown up and i think he’s gonna be ‘someone’ in the future.

ouh my..its 10am, and i’m writing crap in this blog..please..please..give me some work to do…

p/s: congratulations to ibah and faidz for their wedding. i think this newlywed couple is the first couple to get married from my batch.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. masz
    Aug 11, 2008 @ 22:28:43

    haha.. i understand how it feels to be so bored at w0rk.. heheh goodLuck lah jaga, hmm 90++ adik2 kat pennState nanti ahah =)

  2. ada
    Aug 12, 2008 @ 18:36:38

    dun worry.. we gonna do anything you can think of when you back to the states.. heyeahhhh road trip marriii

  3. daju
    Aug 12, 2008 @ 19:14:38

    semalam tibe2 xtra bz pulak..
    xpe..adik2 pandai jaga diri sendiri..

    cuti tak boleh stay at home tau..mcm spring break haritu..nanti kita layan beauty and the geek je kejenye..heheh…

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