i’m glad that finally the first session of summer classes is over. and that means no more csd assignments for the rest of my life! i slept at 4am this morning to finish my final paper. thank goodness malaysia is 12 hours ahead from University Park. otherwise, i won’t be able to meet the dateline.

just got back from lunch. something’s wrong and i dont know what is it. its not about the work because i dont really have workloads. it’s just like sometimes, you may have planned something and you’ve prepared for it, but in the end nothing happens. and am so upset about it. ouh please cheer me up.

one of the interns is leaving..sedih… ='( and i’d be the only intern in the team. xboleh la nk chit-chat lagi..

plan for this weekend: movie with my sister, cousin’s wedding, visit Bam in damansara, and ikea!

pics from last week’s Munchers03 small gathering at ou..

anyways, the title has got nothing to do with this post.

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  1. iamdzu
    Jun 28, 2008 @ 11:25:29

    movie – not happening
    trip to ikea – not happening
    visiting bam – not happening

    cousin’s wedding – happy to go.. (kot)
    kenduri – dipaksa pergi.. tensen

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