its 0530hrs. awal gile bangun. been thinking what am i going to do at the office today. currently sgt xde keje. and i cant even access the internet since i still havent got my user ID. if i can go online at least i can do some of my online assignments kan*sigh*.

**update: i can now access the internet. although it’s a lil slow. they set the homepage to the company’s intranet and that’s why IE ask for user ID. yeay, i can now do my csd assignments. am blogging from office..heeeeeeeeee.. =)) **

if only i found a genie (mcm dlm aladdin tu) that can grant me with 3 wishes. and one of them would be to go back to States with a blink of an eye and get all my notes on 410 and 411 and even the yellow and red books. coz again, life at the office mmgla xbest bile xde keje.

the govt increase both petrol and diesel prices starting today..and yesterday all the petrol stations were packed with ppl buying petrol and diesel as though there will be no more petrol on earth!

the grass is always greener on the other side..right?..

and sometimes its not ‘kerek’ its personal preference..

merepek sudah..


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  1. zackyusoff
    Jun 08, 2008 @ 21:50:45

    u kerje kt mane?ur ipod shuffle kt i!what’s ur number?

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