[35th THON]

THON 2008 logo

it’s that time for the year again. THON 2008 kicked off 4pm on Friday at BJC. all this while i thought those who involve in THON were merely students in frats and sororities. but actually, anybody can be part of THON. just pick any committee that you’d like to be in – Morale, OPP, Hospitality, etc. it is tiring to be involve with THON. but hey, it’s for a good cause. they raised more than $5 million last year. wonder what would this year’s numbers be.

More info: THON

Watch their webcast:THON Live webcast

nak pg tgk THON..jom…

*Update on THON: they managed to surpass last year’s numbers by more than $1 million..The overall total was $6,615,318.04. all the hard work are all worth it FTK (for the kids)..
watched the last hour of THON on the webcast…i wish i was part of THON…

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