i am finally happy with my current schedule. (although not 100% satisfied).

What do you want to be or do “when you grow up?”


that was one of the questions in my Intro. to SAS class. since it is a web class, we basically need to post our own biosketch in a discussion forum so that we can get to know each other. anyhow, it took me a while to answer it. and finally, i gave up. i simply answered – ‘i have no idea’.

3 more semesters to go. and i feel like i’m running out of time. byk bnda nk buat in 3 semesters as a pennstater. for some reasons, second semester of my junior year is the most crucial semester. i’m having a hard time making decisions lately. at some point in our life, we’ve learnt about decision making process – the pros and cons..yadaa..yadaa.. but i don’t seem to know how to apply it in my daily life. even if i weigh the pros and cons, it usually turns out to be the same. kena byk istikharah lagi ni…

planning to take the P exam in May. although some says FM is easier, i’ll start with P. and the big yellow book (or manual) would be my best friend for at least in the next 3 months. wish me luck…


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. anum
    Jan 27, 2008 @ 18:26:59

    GoodLuck daju’!!

    Been in the decision processes a lot of times and failed to make the best choice lots of times too.. and had to bear the consequences of bad decision makings banyak kali jugak!


    May Allah guide you in making the best decision….
    Allahumma Ameen~

    Go Daju’!!


  2. daju
    Jan 28, 2008 @ 06:00:50

    kdg2 small things pn susah..haishh..

    thanx anum 😀

  3. Nur Amirah Shaharom
    Jan 29, 2008 @ 00:49:09

    wahh!!!… pening2.. gudluck tau daju..

  4. mat
    Jan 31, 2008 @ 00:44:28

    mulakan dengan SWOT analisis 😀

  5. yaya
    Feb 01, 2008 @ 17:39:39

    lek daju..jgn tensen2..igt jerk psl nk balek mesia.hehe

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