[i’m Loving It]

a hectic week indeed..
3 midterms..turned out to be not so good..
but so far, Alhamdulillah, He has made things easy for me..
and i’ve been eating more than usual and gain a couple of pounds i guess..

continuation of this..
we went to NYC last weekend to watch the world premier of High School Musical On Ice Tour..
it was a great show..and of course the kids outnumbered the adults..and their ‘high pitch’ shout can match the noise kt beaver stadium kot..haha..
there are some pics at zack’s and Tim’s

and talking about beaver stadium, Fighting Illini upsets PSU last week..disappointing…
didn’t watch the game though as i was in NYC and Stevens xde Big Ten Network..
but according to those who watch, the problem is the QB..although JoePa said they don’t have problem with QB..
and there goes the title hope…

raya is just around the corner..it’s very rare to have raya falls on weekend..as for the past two years, i had exams on the first day of eid..so, looking forward for this year’s..and celebrating it with new family (guess new housemates..)

had a long chat with my kakak..ouh i miss her..
if i dont have any plan this thanxgiving, i’ll definitely go to UMICH for the 3rd time..and kakak can drive me to Birch Run! hehehh..
and this year, we actually get the whole week off..no more cuti on wed to friday je..heeeee.. 😀

– stochastic process is frustrating..but naseb baek R make things easier..i like R..macam c++ sket..i like…


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  1. masz
    Oct 06, 2007 @ 23:34:00

    alaa.. t0uched~ rindu dajuuu.. lama giler dh x borak2 everyday mcm dulu kan.. junior yr sux aa.. rindu laa my adEk ~~ eheh

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