Life is like a pie chart..

hmm..not having a good day arini..
mid term was 😦 padahal GenEd je..
not a productive day..i didn’t even cook arini..
kesian my senior balek from hospital lapar..sorry..
thought of ordering pizza..last2 dia yg masak..hehh..

so..what’s with the quote??
my EGEE prof told us in class yesterday..

well, we cant always get what we want kan..
we get some, we loose some..
but sometimes..me..myself..i admit i do envy kt others..
or simply lupe nk be thankful dgn what i have..
need to keep reminding my self that not all the things yg i wish i had
are the best for me kan..Allah knows best..

hmm..hopefully this weekend i can manage to finish off some work..
perlu habiskan reading this book and write a report on it..
if fiction xpe jgak.. 😦

been watching this movie for beberapa kali…love one of the soundtracks..

andy roddick in the semi-final tomorrow..Go Andy!!
i hope i could watch it on BBC lg..thanx BBC even though the screen is small..
btw, andy reads James Patterson’s juge..and he likes Shawshank Redemption as well..
waa..byk things in common nih 😛

ok..dh merepek..have a great weekend everyone~

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  1. zack
    Jun 17, 2007 @ 00:52:24

    we are always ungrateful of what we already have…..or rather we forget to be grateful…either way..we’re doomed..hehe

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