[byeBye March..]

“The ending of March means the starting of pain. Each and everyday was the same….”

that was part of our inter-house choral speaking competition text few years back when i was a second former in high school. i couldn’t remember the whole text, but if i’m not mistaken it’s something related to april fool..heh.. and that was my first and the last i guess, that i had to do a solo part in the choral speaking. just because it happened that time i was standing in the middle.

as for me, march is the busiest month for the semester and i’m so glad that it is over. looking forward to have a relaxing and wonderful april before i start struggling for finals in may. spring is here, and our annual spring BBQ is in 2 weeks time. can’t wait for makan2 and have fun..215Nelson
…its spring…view from my room..215 nelson…

went to philly last thursday. SIFE was OK. Of all the teams that i saw, Wilkes University SIFE team is the best. yeah, of course, they went to national competition for several times. Sheraton was greattt..yela 2 people in 1 room, and i slept on a bed with 4 pillows and cushion..bestt.. but the career fair was ‘KO’ 😦 huh..that was my first career fair, maybe it’s just me who don’t know how to interact with these recruiters. but, still managed to drop few resumes. most of the recruiting companies were all in the retailer business. i think Vanguard, KPMG and Aflec are the only ones who are not. well, here’s the situation:
when i went to talk to Vanguard,

vanguard person:”..we’re actually here to look for graduating seniors who wants to go to graduate school. but you can still put your contact details in our database.”
me: …well ok..

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…art museum i think..view from my room in Philly…

then, in Weston Food booth,
them:”..so, what major are you?”
me: “actuarial science”
them: “ohh..we’re sorry. we dont have anything for you. perhaps you should talk to KPMG they might have something”
me: alright

KPMG booth,
a guy: (after the normal few introduction) “..you know what. here (he gave me a card). you can just go online and see if there’s anything that suits your major. “
(and the way he talks, mcm tau sgt la that he wanted to tell me that they don’t hire actuaries) well, of course, KPMG is an audit and tax firm.

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…at night..the pic sgt blur…huh…

then i went to Aflec, (their duck is so cute)
aflec guy: “yeah..we do hire actuaries, but the process took place in our HQ. we’re here today to look for sales/marketing people to sell our products. but you can still drop your resume..”
me: well, thanx. can i have one of the ducks?..(huhh…)

so, basically most of the companies hire sales/marketing people. nevermind. i think i need to pass at least one SOA paper. because most of the insurance firms like Geico, Mutual Liberty, etc. require applicants to pass at least one SOA exam..

the new MSD Officers came to penn state yesterday to meet with the students and get to know each other. Kak Watie, abg Zainal’s wife (a grad student) prepared simple yet delicious dinner for all of us. as usual, there were leftovers and we all took them back. i took back the ayam masak lemak, but since there is no ziploc, we simply put it in a bowl and cover it with another. unfortunately for me, i was so clumsy yesterday that my ayam masak lemak spilt twice on the bus on the way back to campus. and it even spilt on the person sitting next to me. thank god, that girl mcm cool je. and the second person yg kena in fact offered me to use her paper bag to put my bowl in it. huh…and my jeans and my lovely adidas bag pn kna teruk..but thanx to Shout, the stain remover.

watched, The Holiday on saturday. and now, going to watch it again (sgt sweettt cite nih) while reading my finance notes for mid term on wednesday…ouh and to Ina,



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. little healer
    Apr 03, 2007 @ 13:05:19

    i remembered having to imitate bunyi ayam masa choral speaking.. haha

  2. iamdzu-flu
    Apr 05, 2007 @ 00:50:17

    downloaded The Holiday..tak tgk tgk sampai skang.
    i want that duck

  3. daju
    Apr 05, 2007 @ 08:12:17

    yeah..choral speaking sure ade sound2 effect..

    ouhh..that duck ntah mane ntah pg..buaya geico ade..

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