currently in PaternoLib with nothing better to do
my sis tagged me with this…‘six weird things about me’
here goes..

I can eat maggie mee with cold water from water cooler. when i was a first former in my high school, me and jams, my dormmate sometimes eat maggie mee with water from the water cooler. we were f1 at that time and of course we didn’t have any kettle to boil water and too afraid to borrow from seniors and that time, the school has not yet installed the new type of water ‘dispenser’ that come together with water cooler and heater. but i think it is nice with maggie mee vegetable or chicken flavor. so, go and try..ehheh..

when i was a little kid, i love to eat rice with fried chicken/egg or begedil with ketchup. if there is no dishes that i like, i will eat rice with ketchup but not chilli sauce. it taste better if the ketchup is cold from the refrigerator and the rice and chicken are still hot..haha..maybe i should continue this, since here, in the States people only consume ketchup and we can only find chilli sauce in international market.

i used to play with my retainer using my tonge. after few years wearing braces, i had to wear retainer and i like to play with it, and i think i have already changed my retainer twice because it was broken. sometimes it can be annoying to some people..haha..btw, i no longer wear my retainer..

i tiptoe when i go up the stairs. i always do this, i don’t know why. it has become a habit of mine. i tiptoe regardless whether i am wearing my shoes or not.

i’ll make sure that i wear my watch before i go out. although nowadays people (well at least here at the States) just simple use their cell to check on time, i still need to wear a watch. when i was in primary school, the only watch was allowed to wear is the one with black or dark brown strap. my watches at that time will usually bought in pasar malam because i didn’t know how to take good care of them. i didn’t open my watch even when i want to take my bath or when i go to bed. but now i do..

well, whenever i chat (ie using messenger) with my friends, i usually say what i am typing…hahhah..one of my friend realized about this and find it weird because i am not actually talk/speak to the person whom i’m chatting with.

*well..this whole thing is just crap and ‘batak’..heheh..its 1201hrs need to rush for my finance class..

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jet
    Mar 05, 2007 @ 16:43:48

    makan megi dgn air sjok tuh norma kanak2 skola asrama ok..malahan bungkus nasik lemak dining hall dlm plastik beg dan lambakkan kat atas lantai [atas plastik bungkusan td yg dikoyakkan] dan ajak klasmet mne2 yg x breakfast lg makan..kemaen lg budak2..eheh..

    chat sambel bercakap tuh, cm imaginasi tinggi bena je gayanye..cool..hoo~

  2. daju
    Mar 05, 2007 @ 22:47:59

    hahah..i guess thats not weird..
    my imagination mmg tinggi..;)

  3. iamdzu
    Mar 05, 2007 @ 22:53:15

    ugh maggi + air sejuk. *gonna puke*

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